Day 13: Vegcycle

Theme for Day 13: Bicycle. This was assembled after dinner sitting at the table.

Food stylist: Dianne.  Photographer: Rem.  Side note: Rem is also doing 30DoC and all his creations are photos.  It was a team effort. I used tomato slices, asparagus, yellow and red bell pepper, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumber.  Play with your vegetables.

I tried a DIY Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce but was kind of disappointed.  I’m also tired so I’m calling today done and will write about the sauce another day.

Thanks for stopping on by.


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11 responses to “Day 13: Vegcycle

    • Thanks! It was very spontaneous. We had a bunch of cut veggies and I saw the two slices of tomato when Rem was wondering what he could photograph for the 30DoC project. Since the theme was bicycle (I usually ignore the theme), I put the slices on a plate and started to build the bike. It was a fun little project.

  1. Julie

    OMG – hahahaha – so cute!

    • Thanks, Julie. I don’t know how comfy a carrot seat would be but I think most bike seats are terrible for sitting on so it probably wouldn’t be that different.

  2. Mom

    You should put a link to Rem’s Site.

  3. Hahaha that is so cute!

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