Day 14: Business Cards

After Jazzercise class I asked a friend if she’d looked at my blog yet.  She said she wanted to but had lost the web address. I scribbled it on a deposit slip for her and mentioned I should “make some business cards”.  Several other women nearby were quite surprised to learn I didn’t have a card and that is how this project came to be.

After I ate some supper I drafted a template of the card I had in mind and Rem printed it on copy paper.

I wanted to do a bit of collage on the paper prior to running it through the printer.  I had scavenged an old Reader’s Digest Condensed Book for this very purpose.  I tore out a few pages from A Star in the Rigging by Garland Roark, copyright 1954.

I pasted torn pieces of the pages onto a sheet of white card stock, holding up the  printed card layout behind the page to decide where to put the torn bits.  After that I rubbed some white ink over the printed page pieces and then dried it with a heat tool.

Rem ran the card stock through the printer and I decorated the page with rubber stamps, ink pens and an ink sprayer.  I cut the page into 10 cards and added a bit of washi tape and a sparkly embellishment to each card.  Homemade business cards for my blog .

Last year on Day 14 I made a Rolled Page Picture Frame.

Thank you for checking out my blog and my 30 Days of Creativity projects.


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13 responses to “Day 14: Business Cards

    • Thanks! Now that I have the template I can paste up another collage sheet (maybe sheet music or magazine pages…or Chinese language newspaper), run it through the printer and add a different bunch of embellishments.

  1. SO cute and clever!!! 🙂

  2. jharader

    Very nice. I might have to make some business cards soon.

  3. Kathleen Faw


  4. I am sooo impressed with your energy and ability to actually get these done every day! I love your business cards. They look great!

    • Thank you. Some people think my secret is my lack of a television set, but with something like this I think the biggest thing is planning ahead. That and stubbornness.

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