Day 16: Handcarved Rubber Stamp

I started out a different project today.  It was one where I had purchased some supplies and couldn’t find the exact thing I needed so I got something close.  Than I broke a leather cord while I was trying smooth out the kinks and bends in it.  I made a hasty trip to Michael’s but couldn’t find replacement supplies.  I need to get the right things too – I learned today that close, in this case, won’t work.

The hot weather is responsible for Rem and I taking a trip to Berkeley this evening.  It was cooler there so while the apartment was cooling off here, we were over there kicking around with time on our hands. We went to BLICK Art Materials and I picked up some blocks of rubber and lino cutting tools, a retractable Sharpie and a new Exacto knife.

This simple tag-shaped rubber stamp was carved while sitting in the car with Rem along the waterfront, near the Berkeley Marina.

The breeze was cool and briny, the view was gorgeous (Golden Gate Bridge straight ahead, Mt. Tam to the right and San Francisco to the left).  I looked up every once in awhile to watch the sunset.

This stamp can be inked and stamped onto scrap paper than cut out for cute little tags (of course), or stamped onto the front of an envelope to define the address space.  I think it would look nice inside a card with a greeting stamped into it.

Now, back home, the fans are in place and blowing cool air.  I look at the clock and think “tomorrow I’ll post earlier”. Ha.

Last year on Day 16 I did a Shrinky Dink Key Ring, and you can too!

Thanks for the visit.


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