Day 17: Chocolate Bowl – Fail!

The theme for today’s 30 Days of Creativity project was “Pop”.  I’d originally planned to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Pops over two days but the weather was too hot for baking a cake, the first step.  I looked at my list of possible creations and saw the chocolate bowls made from dipping small balloons into melted chocolate.  That sounded good and would fit the theme well enough since you use balloons and pop them after making the bowls.

After my Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce wasn’t so magical, I don’t know why I still wanted some kind of chocolate shell, but this looked pretty straightforward…and I do love chocolate.  Which is how I ended up with chocolate in my hair.

The idea is to blow up small, round balloons, spray them with non-stick spray, dip them in melted candy melts and let the chocolate set.  Pop the balloon and gently peel it away from the resulting chocolate bowl.  I saw it on Can’t Stop Making Things and marked it for a future attempt.  Attempt Failed!

Maybe my balloons were of poor quality.  I coated them with nonstick spray after blowing up.  Mine were more pear shaped but I was only going to dip the bottom.  The chocolate candy melts were melted and I’d cooled them off before dipping.  I dipped and pop!

It looked slightly gruesome.  Chocolate splattered across the kitchen, up on the walls, down on the floor.  It was a mess.

Rem and I agreed I was done with my creation for the day.  I had failed at my chocolate bowl making attempt but succeeded at defining the word pop!

He helped me scrape and wipe and sponge chocolate off of the stove, the sink, the floor, the walls, the cupboard doors and off of me.  I changed clothes.  And ate a bowl of mint chip ice cream.  I drizzled some of the remaining melted chocolate over it.

Last year on Day 17 I did a photo montage in San Francisco’s North Beach.

Another definition for the word pop is dad or father.  Today was my first Father’s Day without my dad.  A friend suggested doing something he enjoyed.  I went to Rodeo Beach with Molly.

Now I have to scrub the chocolate off of my clothes and take a shower.

Thank you for your visit.


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14 responses to “Day 17: Chocolate Bowl – Fail!

  1. Tracy

    Ok. Got a good laugh from that! I have made the balloon bowls before, but many years ago. I don’t think you need to spray with non-stick spray, and I remember not blowing them up much. This is all if you decide to brave the balloons again!

    • I’ve done them before but not on balloons. I painted melted chocolate on cupcake liners and peeled off the paper. It worked just fine should I EVER feel the need for chocolate bowls or cups. I think I just had flawed balloons.

  2. Leah

    The bowls might have been a (hehe) bust, but you did, however, succeed in creating a Jackson Pollack-type kitchen painting!

    • The bowl of mint chip ice cream was delicious and I probably had more fun with the pictures for this then I would have had with the balloon bowls. I think we’ll probably find splashes of chocolate in upcoming days.

  3. Julie

    OMG!!!! I’m sorry you got covered in chocolate, but it gave me a great giggle!!!

  4. Mom

    I love it! I needed to laugh. CAn I have copies of the pictures of Rodeo Beach and Molly?

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  7. Rem and I found small chocolate spatters weeks after this. A few little dots of chocolate got quite far from the actual pop.

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