Day 22: Water Marbled Nails

I don’t have long, beautiful nails.  I use and abuse my nails and they get beat up with crafting.  Today they got special attention when I tried out this water-marbled nail technique.

I saw some amazing versions of this on Pinterest and ended up looking at several tutorials.  This is a good one at Chloe’s Nails: Water Marble Picture Tutorial.

First I put on a coat of white polish as a base: White Out from Orly.

The other colors I used are Dreamer from Revlon, Austin-Tatious Turquoise from OPI, and Royal from Love & Beauty.

I didn’t use filtered water though I understand it is best to do so.  You put water in a cup and drop colored polish on the surface of the water.

Than use an orange stick to swirl the polish around a bit.

To protect the skin on your finger from getting covered in polish you can either put tape around the nail or rub some lip balm on the skin.  Both ways have their pros and cons.  Either way you’re still going to have polish to clean off.

This project involves lots of cleaning off of polish.  And lots of nail polish remover. Lots.

It is also a tricky project to photograph.  Water, nail polish, polish remover and fingers covered with lip balm and or tape limits the times when holding a camera is easy.  So use your imagination.

Once you protect your skin from polish, you dip your finger, nail down, into the water.  Then, with finger still underwater, you use the orange stick to skim the surface of the water and pull off the thin, floating layer of polish so you don’t pull your fingertip through the polish for a second time.

Once all ten fingernails are done and the extra polish is cleaned off, and the messed up nails have the polish removed, the white coat painted on and dried and the fingernail water marbled again… that’s when you wish you’d bought those q-tips with the little pointy ends.  Because you’ve got to get the polish off from around the nails.

In the picture, above, my index finger doesn’t have a base coat (because I redid it twice and wanted to finish up).  I kind of like the sheer effect.

Clear polish was the top coat.  Unfortunately the clear polish made streaks on two nails where the marble effect smeared.


Fabric Covered Notebooks was my creation for Day 22 last year.

Thanks for the visit.


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7 responses to “Day 22: Water Marbled Nails

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this!

    • Hi, Christina – Oh, you really should! I bet you would do a MUCH better job of it than I did. 1. You’ve got the beautiful nails for it. 2. You are more experienced at putting on polish. And 3. When you do it, you’ll use filtered water because you read my post and I said it would make a difference! Not only that, you probably already have plenty of polish to choose from to do a beautiful water marbled mani. PLEASE let me know if you try it.

  2. How pretty! I bite my nails terribly so it’s pointless for me, but those came out great!

    • Thank you! You should see when they’re really well done! I’m hoping someone with really long, beautiful nails will try it and send in pictures. I’m already a little tired of how it looks, but it was fun to try.

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