Day 23: Crepe Paper Flower

This is another Pinterest find.  I had printed out these picture to use while making this over at my mom’s house today, but managed to cut it off without the last two photos in the little photo tutorial.  I didn’t realize that until just now when I went to add the link.  I see that I should have added two more petals: I’ll do that for one of the later pictures.

It isn’t hard and it doesn’t take that long, but I wasn’t sure if I’d bother to make this again to top a gift.  However, looking at the photos I see what captured my eye the first time I saw it on Pinterest.  The texture of the crepe paper and the ruffle-like quality really has a beautiful, flowery appeal. The one on Pinterest is in a pale pink with gold-edged petals but I like my deeper rose pink with diamond glitter almost as much. It also really takes a plain box from simple to special.

You need crepe paper, the same stuff used for party streamers. A small circle of card-stock as a base, scissors, glue such as Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (Elmer’s White Glue would probably work just as well), glitter and an embellishment for the center. I used Tombo mono adhesive to stick the petals to the base but the tacky glue would work for that too, it just takes some time to dry so you’ll need a little patience if you go this route.

Cut out 10 petals. Each petal has two scallops on one edge.  Pieces of crepe paper 2 inches wide, folded in half with a curve cut into one end than unfolded make each petal.  You can cut several at one time.

Put a little tacky glue on some scrap paper and a little pile of glitter.  Dip the curved edges of the petals in the glue and then in the glitter.  Let dry.  I did the last two petals with a glue pen and that worked but it is more wet than the tacky glue and crepe paper starts to fall apart when it gets wet so I think the tacky glue is better for this.

Pinch each petal at the opposite end from the curved, glitter edge.  Adhere four petals to the base.

Do another row of four petals but offset them from the first row.  Finish with the last two petals opposite each other.  Add the center embellishment, in this case a large adhesive jewel.

One roll of crepe paper will make a bunch of flowers.

Last year was a very exciting day for me: my blog with the post I wrote for Day 23 (Sunprint-Paper & Packing Tape Transfers on Decoupage Boxes) was featured on Freshly Pressed, one of 10 or so blogs that WordPress features on their site every day to “entertain, enlighten or inspire”.   Thank you again to all of you who started reading my blog a year ago because of that.  It was a big thrill and I had my biggest day ever on the 24th.

Thank you to all my readers whether you started reading because you are a member of my family, or because you saw in on Freshly Pressed a year ago or maybe you just stumbled on it and it looked kind of interesting. However you found the blog, I appreciate your interest, dedication, support and feedback.


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5 responses to “Day 23: Crepe Paper Flower

  1. Kathleen Faw

    It looks more lifelike in the photo than it did when I was actually looking at it.

    • I agree. Looking at the pictures made me like it more than just looking at it! That doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. I think getting those last two petals on also helped.

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