Day 29: Plastic Spoon Rose

I made a white rose today and it’s got a pin on the back so I can wear it.  Only…I don’t think I will!  It also has a hole in one of the petals. Mostly I just wanted to make it!

I thought I bought a small box of spoons when I was getting ready for 30DoC but I can’ t find them.  I scrounged around and came with a few less spoons than the directions call for, but close enough.  I’m sure I’ll find the box of spoons in the next day or so.

Rem and I went to the DeYoung Museum today and I’d love to say these flower pins from their gift shop inspired me.

But I’d already seen these roses at Can’t Stop Making Things. (Check it out for inspiration).

I’m sorry but I’m not going to post directions.  It involves a candle and garden clippers (I used some strong little nippers as well). I couldn’t do it quite as posted, so instead of melting the petals together I used a hot glue gun.

I glued a small circle of felt on the back and then glued a pin back to the felt.

What do you think?

Last year on Day 29 I was also thinking unique roses: check out the Vegetable Printed Wrapping Paper.

Thanks for stopping by!


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22 responses to “Day 29: Plastic Spoon Rose

  1. I went on the link…those are really cool..I don’t think I’d wear one as a pin, though it might be nice, decorating a hat. If you could put them on a stem, they’d be interesting in an arrangement. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Egads! A whole arrangement of them? One was enough. A decoration for a hat is a good idea. Or maybe I just need to find someone who likes it. 🙂 Thanks for your (continued) comments! It’s always nice to know folks are actually reading my posts.

  3. Wow that is really interesting. I did something like this with a plastic water bottle and hair dryer. I sprayed the bottle with paint then cut out the petals and heated it with the dryer. Come to think about i, your paper flowers inspired me to try it.

  4. How about having three of them float in a shallow bowl with some lettuce or other greens for a dinner center piece?

  5. Wow!! This is great! I have so many pink spoons left over from a my little girls’ parties…now I know what to do with them them! Great post!

  6. This is a really interesting idea, Dianne. I haven’t the patience for it, but the photos are cool. As always, great new header photo! Happy July 4th!!! 😀

  7. thebeadden

    What a neat project! I love it. It reminds me of the time I had my niece over and we put styrofoam cups upside down on a baking tray to make tiny hats. They turned out great…nearly knocked us out with the fumes though! 🙂

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