Another Giveaway!

This white rose pin is made from plastic spoons! It was created during 30 Days of Creativity and…it’s kind of funky.  I wore it to work once and though I received a few compliments on it, it’s really not something I’m going to wear again.  But for someone out there (you?) it’s just THE thing you want.  It’s fun for me to give stuff away and I just put the notebook in the mail yesterday from my last giveaway.

Look at it – there is a hole in one of the petals.  It is kind of clunky and needs to be pinned to sturdy fabric because it will tend to pull forward.  I want to be sure you know what you are getting.  Still interested?

This is how you enter the giveaway: In the comments section of this post, post about a crafting fail or challenge:   Whatever, just put it in your comment.  One entry per person, please.  My recent attempt involving balloons and melted chocolate (I know, sounds crazy, but I was trying to make cute little chocolate bowls) ended up with me splattered in chocolate.

Chocolate in my hair, on my glasses, down both arms, on my shirt and shorts.  Oh, and all over the kitchen too.  So – maybe you haven’t baptized YOUR kitchen in chocolate but we want to hear what didn’t work or at least what was a crafting challenge.

You have until Sunday, August 19 to enter.  To pick the winner, I will number the comments (omitting my responses and anyone who either doesn’t want the rose or doesn’t follow the rules) and randomly pick a number with this nifty free random number generator.  I’ll send an email to the winner and they will have three days to respond.  If they don’t respond, I’ll pick another number. Once I have my winner, I will get their shipping address via email and send them the rose pin!  Feel free to share this with your friends.

I’ll be giving away a few more of my 30DoC creations ( Button Rings, Macrame Bracelet, Glass Tile Pendants)  so keep an eye out and don’t forget to enter with your comment in the comments section.  There were only 12 entries in the Notebook Giveaway so don’t hesitate to enter if you want this Plastic Spoon Rose.   Also – winning one item does not block you from entering in a future giveaway.

Feel free to share this.

Thanks for stopping by (and good luck!)


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7 responses to “Another Giveaway!

  1. Stephen Hughes

    Here’s me looking for inspiration and ideas but what left speechless over your plastic spoons! –

    • Thanks, Stephan. It is another take on a humble little plastic spoon. Your wood bowls are pretty awesome too. Thanks for the comment.

      • Stephen Hughes

        You’re welcome – Perhaps I’ll be seeing a bunch of flowers all made from spoons (just thinking, you must have a large coffee break bill)!

      • Uh, nope. Just that one flower and now it has gone to a new home. I had that package of spoons left from some long-forgotten event. I save money on coffee because I don’t drink it.

  2. Such a fun project! You have such good ideas!!!

    My worst craft fail, was more of a sewing failure. Years ago, I was in the middle of making a dress on my machine, and somewhere in the wee hours, I got my insides and outsides mixed around, and ended up with half the dress sewn back words. EPIC fail! I am NOT a night person, even though I often stay up WAY too late for my own good. It took me hours to take it all back apart with the seam ripper, get everything turned back around, and sew it the CORRECT way. That’s what I get for trying to sew at night on a tight deadline. I needed to complete the dress so I could wear it on the weekend, but hadn’t given myself as much time as I should have to do it. I did end up wearing it. YAY! The seams were a mess on the inside, but it looked presentable enough from the outside. No one but me knew that my dress was only half finished. I had to “fix” it later. It never would have survived a washing otherwise. Too funny! I’ve had lots of disasters, but I haven’t thought about that particular one in a long time!

  3. Mitzi. Bagwell

    Thank you for sharing your craft. I enjoy watching and reading them . I am new at Makeing jewelry and it’s so nice to get some ldear.

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