Bracelet Keyring

I have just two keys that I carry at work.  I keep them separate from other keys because I don’t want to carry around the car fob (aka the “beeper” or “clicker”) all day at the office.  For years I have had these keys on a stretchy plastic cord like an old style phone cord.

Mine looked a lot like this one but it broke so I don’t have a picture of it.   I could slip the cord on my wrist when I was out of my office and if I did set them down, the bright red helped me notice them on a desk our counter top and remember to pick them up.  Most of the time.

Over the years, the plastic got kind of grimy and I often thought I should clean it but I never got around to it. Then it broke and I decided make a replacement instead of buying another plastic one.

Although I’ve been very focused on beads and bracelets lately, for this super simple project I used big, chunky beads.  I had an old beaded watch band I’d made years ago with beads that I loved.  I never repaired it because I don’t wear a watch but I saved the beads and now I had a use for some of them.

Lots of places sell beads, not just bead stores.  Michaels, Joann, and even Walmart. If you don’t live near a store with beads, there are a bazillion stores online selling beads.  Like this one.  Or this one.

I think this is best for a ring with only a few keys.  I like to slip it over my wrist when I am walking around the campus.  Lots of keys would have made it too heavy for that.

I used a fairly thick, stretchy bead cord – 1 mm Stretch Magic.

Cut a piece of cord about 10 or 12 inches long so you have plenty of length for knotting.  String the beads – if you want you can tie a loose knot with the first bead to keep the others from slipping right off the other end.  I like how it looks with small beads as spacers in between the big ones.

When you think you have enough,  hold the cord ends tight with one hand and see if you can fit your hand through the bracelet.  You don’t want it so big it will fall off or so small it strangles your wrist.  Add or remove beads as needed to get the right size.  Slide your key ring on.

Tie a knot in the cord.  Now take one end of the cord and thread it back through a few beads in one direction and thread  the other end back the other way through a few beads.  Tie each end once around the cord in the bracelet and, if you can, push the end back through to the original knot.  I didn’t originally glue the knots but I did after using it for a few weeks after reading on  a bead site that they recommend that.  I used E6000 but there are probably better bead adhesives.  After the glue dries, trim the ends.  That’s it!

I love quick and easy projects and this is something I use every day at work. I made one for my mom after she admired mine.  I bet there are plenty of you reading this who’ve got the beads at home.  Go ahead, dress up your keys.  This is so much cuter than the old one and it makes me happy.

It also makes me happy that you stopped by for a visit.  Thanks!

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