Happy Mail

I sent this red ball to Eamon who I was visiting on vacation.  Notice the stickers on the ball.  I actually mailed the ball with no box or other packaging!

Before leaving California, I saw this site: giver’slog, where AmberLee writes about mailing fun stuff without a box.  She has mailed flip flops and a sand bucket!  She has mailed plastic bottles filled with colored pencils. She has mailed a Frisbee.  She has also mailed a ball and I knew that I wanted to try it.

Just a day or two before leaving for the first part of our vacation (Portland), I picked out the shiny red ball at Safeway.  I used a Sharpie to write the mailing and return addresses on the surface of the ball.

Then I took it to the Post Office.  I felt a little silly but also happy to be sending something without any package.  It was fun!  I asked the clerk if I could mail the ball and he kind of shrugged and said yes.  Another customer looked over and said “Are you mailing a balloon?” And I said “No, just a ball.”  It made me smile.

The clerk had a little bit of a challenge weighing the ball.  But he managed.

I asked for it back so I could take a photo with the postage on it.

Next time I think I’ll ask for stamps because they’re more colorful.

Here are the how-to’s for mailing stuff without boxes.  The item needs to be 13 oz. or less.

I didn’t tell Eamon’s parents about the surprise that was heading their way.  I heard that their mail carrier delivered it to their door with the comment “You must have a special Auntie”.  What a nice thing to say!

Please let me know if you decide to send some happy mail of your own.  Thanks for the visit.


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2 responses to “Happy Mail

  1. Kathleen Faw

    I missed our Saturday morning walk today but am walking with Mom and Molly tomorrow.

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