PDX PIX: OMSI & Voodoo

After some technical difficulties I’m finally sharing some of my vacation photos.  These are from Portland though we’ve moved on to Seattle.  In fact, we return home tomorrow.  But better late than never.

The Willamette River runs through city;  the picture above shows Marquam Bridge, one of 10 bridges that cross the river in Portland. Rem and I took the MAX, a light rail train from Hillsboro where we were staying into the city to visit OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

I loved the different designs etched in the glass of the transit shelters

He was reading The Hobbit, published 75 years ago on that very day, September 21.

The Validator.

Physics and Chemistry Labs…a little different than the ones back home at College of Marin.

Rem gives weather-forecasting a try: he’s in front of a green screen watching the monitor with the map.

A cool, floating globe.

Docked outside is the submarine USS Blueback.  Rem had hoped to do some ham radio from the sub but the radio operator he would have worked with had to cancel.

Touring the sub was still fascinating.  We learned that the meals on a sub are known for being delicious. You’ve got a hard-working crew with little distraction aside from their duties so good food was important.  When they load all the food on board for 60 days at sea, they had to have enough for 90 days. They served 4 meals a day to the 85-member crew and it took 14 TONS of supplies! After the cupboards, drawers, ends of the bunks, showers, walk-in freezer and walk-in fridge were stuffed full they still had cans of food to store. The solution: line the floor with #10 cans of fruit, vegetables, condensed milk, tomato sauce, etc. and cover the cans with rubber mats. Voila! Extra storage.  The cooks must have had a layout of where everything was so they could find it later.

After the tour (and hearing about the food on the sub) we headed for downtown and something to eat.  We had a snack at one of the many food carts (fried egg roll for Rem and a salad roll with shrimp or spring roll for me),

before heading to Voodoo Doughnut for some magic.

We were visiting Voodoo for the second time.  On our first day in town, Lisa included Voodoo in her mini-tour of Portland.  We’d split a maple-bacon bar. But with so many choices, we wanted to go back.

While waiting in line we met 8-week-old Darby, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

A hole in the screen door gave us a view of the doughnut makers at work.

Good Things Come in Pink Boxes.

One maple, one chocolate and two Portland Creams: Raised yeast doughnut filled with Bavarian cream with chocolate on the top and two eyeballs!  We saved the PC’s for breakfast the next morning.

A full day in Portland and two full tummies.

Coming soon: more pictures from Portland!  Thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “PDX PIX: OMSI & Voodoo

  1. Love seeing your pics of our fair city! SO glad you could come!

    • So glad we could come too! I’ve got more pictures to post but the delay with the computer kind of through a wrench in things. Seattle has also been wonderful too – I’ve probably got material for blog posts for the next few weeks! I’m REALLY glad I’ve got one more day of vacation before I return to work.

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