Columbia River Gorge

The day we drove along the Columbia River Gorge was the prettiest day of the Portland part of our vacation. It was just gorgeous with sunny weather, blue skies, blue river and blueberries!

We saw this U-Pick blueberry stand along the way and since neither of us had picked our own blueberries before, we decided to give it a try. They also had already-picked berries but we thought the ones we picked ourselves would be sweeter for the effort.

We both picked (and did some quality-control tasting) for ages in the sunshine and still only got about 1/2 a coffee can between us.

Than onward to a geocaching stop at a scenic overlook called Portland Women’s Forum State Park.  The founding members of the group saved the site from development and purchased it through fundraising.  It is a lovely stop with breathtaking views.

We got our first look at Crown Point and Vista House, visible on the right.  The views from Vista House were also beautiful.

Inside was a group of women playing dulcimers, from  the UpRiver Dulcimer Group.

The road past Vista House was closed due to construction so we drove back to Hwy. 84 and on to next destination: Multnomah Falls.

After soaking up the beautiful views at Multnomah Falls, we had just enough time to visit Bonneville Dam before closing time as well as the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Rem remembers visiting the dam when he was a kid.

Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Bonneville Dam in September of 1937, 75 years before our visit.

Though we only had a few minutes before closing, we saw salmon through the windows below the water level at the fish ladders.

Who knew that a fish hatchery would include this?

We also saw Herman, the 70-year-old, 10-foot long, 450 pound sturgeon who lives in a large pond with viewing windows.  This hulking bottom-feeder (below) is a younger and smaller relative of Herman measuring only about 5 feet long!

A steelhead trout hovered by the window as we took pictures.  Maybe he was enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

We ended our full day with a delicious bowl of blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you, Rem, for sharing some of your photos.


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4 responses to “Columbia River Gorge

  1. Sharon

    What a wonderful day. This is a trip I know my family would love. Thanks for the inspiration. Sharon Hamilton

  2. Liz Freemantle

    These pictures are amazing! And real fish in the fish ladder. I love the cover picture with the blue-berries — you could just reach out and touch them in the warm sun.

    • Thanks, Liz. We really did see fish in the fish ladder (but they weren’t jumping like the ones in the Ballard Locks). Isn’t that a great blueberry picture? You can see why I used it for my cover. Rem was that photographer.

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