Patchwork Quilt Card

Phil and Tedra were having a country wedding at her grandparents farm in Oregon. I didn’t make it to the wedding but I wanted to send a special card.  I’ve know Phil since he was a wee lad and can hardly believe he was getting married, but it was true.

My current favorite card size is 5.5 inches square.  I make an envelope that is 5.75 inches square with a template from Paper Source.

For this card I didn’t know much about the ceremony but the invitation included a sketch of the wedding location that reminded of the charming map sketch of the “Hundred Acre Wood” by E.H. Shepard in Winnie-the-Pooh. I decided a country patchwork quilt was what I wanted to create.

I sorted through my printed papers and picked out pieces that fit my theme.  I picked some because the pattern looked vintage or country (red gingham, sunflower seed packet, cowboy boots) or they just seemed right for a patchwork quilt. I spent a lot of time on this part of the process.  As I often do when crafting a card for a loved one, I thought of Phil.  I haven’t really been in his life much since he was a kid but it was It was fun going through my paper and looking for designs I thought might work.

A piece of old map was in one corner, nearly hidden by my embellishment.  I made a little tag with “love” stamped on it, a small patchwork heart and added a key charm and tied them all together with a piece of natural hemp twine.  An old shirt button accented another square.

I had an old topographical map that I used to make the envelope. A bit of collage on the front included a scrap of sheet music over-stamped with the definition of love. I added a piece of washi tape and an old postage stamp.

I included a large, beautiful image of a Great White Heron from a greeting card of a painting by Tim Brody.

Another bird in the lower right corner added to the envelope decoration – this one carrying a heart and my love.

A quilt, a key, maps, music, the definition of love.  Yes, I think I got everything into it that I wanted.

Congratulations to Phil and Tedra.


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8 responses to “Patchwork Quilt Card

  1. violetannie63

    Very nice! I might steal the patchwork card idea for something I am working on… 🙂

  2. I love the card and the map envelope, very personal and lovely! I also like how it’s matchy matchy with your blog header and background. You are very color coordinated!

  3. Lovely ideas. I’ve a lot of reading to catch up. Hope to have time over the weekend….

  4. Jean

    I decided and told everyone on Facebook that I’m going to make a quilt card just like yours. I also need your help with the washi tape card you made Carson. I tried it out but I think I could do a better job with some Faw-help. Please message me on Facebook when you have time. Thank you for all the cool ideas—my cards are looking better when I use your techniques!

    • dianne faw

      What a nice message, Jean! I’m sitting here jealous that you have craft night with Carson and loving all of her cards and you just include me in the love. Yay! I’ll look for you on FB and help you out. I actually got the idea for that card from a book that Carson has. I want to copy some of Carson’s ideas but first I need to clean house and clean up my crafting table. It was sadly loaded with mail and magazines and stuff from our vacation. Make a patchwork card and send me the photo so I can put it in my Readers’ Gallery.

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