Halloween Giveaway!

In keeping with Halloween tradition, I’ve got a few treats to give away.

If you can remember way back to my 30-Days-of-Creativity Project in June, I planned to give away a few items.  In fact, I gave away the Plastic Spoon Rose and the Marbleized Paper Covered Notebook but I never got around to giving away several Button Rings or Glass Tile Pendants.

Not only that, I have a few Pumpkin Pins I made with copper foil tape to give away. They are very cool, very seasonal and if you don’t win one in the giveaway, you should follow the link to the post so you can make one for yourself.

“So” – you ask, “what’s the trick?

The trick is: it’s a grab bag.  In other words, if you are interested in winning one of these little goodies, you don’t get to choose what it will be.

How to enter:  In the comments section write about a Halloween costume.  A favorite one that you made or saw, one you wanted but never got, or perhaps a costume that just didn’t work.

For example, I could write “Last year I dressed as Rosie the Riveter.  It was a pretty easy costume and it was fun to wear because many people recognize the character.”

Thank you, Lisa, for sending this photo from how many years ago? Some adults found our costumes pretty darn scary!

Deadline:   Sunday, October 28 at 5:00 PM.

Picking the winners:  I will number the comments and for every item I’m giving away, I will randomly pick a number with this nifty free random number generator.  I’ll send an email to each winner and they will have three days to respond.  If they don’t respond, I’ll pick another number. Once I have my winners, I will get their shipping address via email and send them their treats!  Feel free to share this with your friends.

I will be giving away at least six items, so get your comment in today!

One entry per person.

Thanks for coming by and good luck!


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15 responses to “Halloween Giveaway!

  1. I actually made myself a steampunk costume this year. YAY! Steampunk is Victorian/Edwardian style with a modern twist. It’s H. G. Wells meets “Wild, Wild West.” It’s the look you might get if the Victorians had invented the computer during their time period, and traveled to exotic lands in flying air machines. It’s fanciful, fun stuff!

    Anyways, I already had a few pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that would work, but I needed a whimsical, Victorian skirt. I wanted something with lots of fabric that I could pin up, to show off the layers. I found a website that showed how to make one using thrift store prom dresses or old bridesmaid dresses. Here’s the link to the site:


    I bought two for the skirt part of the dress only. The skirting on the dresses were BEAUTIFUL, and I have them draped over each other deep blue to dark purple, but the tops of the dresses were hideous! LOL I’m recycling the crinoline I wore under my wedding dress to wear underneath. It adds a LOT of fullness. Love that!!! Never thought I’d have an excuse to wear the crinoline again, but I saved it in one of those space bags that sucks the air out. It wasn’t even yellowed and it’s been twelve years.

    The project turned out well and the skirt only cost me around five or six dollars to make. Not bad at all! I couldn’t even buy the fabric for that price if I’d made the skirts from scratch, and this way, most of the sewing was already done. 🙂

  2. My grandma used to sew my costumes . . . cats, clowns, princesses, the works. I LOVED those!!! 🙂

    • My mom and her mom both sewed and we had a great collections of costumes that were worn by each of us in turn… a pair of polka dotted clowns, a white dog and a black cat. There was one costume that worked as Martha Washington or Little Miss Muffett, very cute. One year my sister did a costume for her daughter as Miss Muffett and her son as a spider. My mom has made costumes for me as an adult too. I never grew out of the dressing-up-is-fun stage!

  3. Sharon

    My mom used to make all my costumes. I remember my first one: I was an angel complete with a halo. Oh, how I would love to see that type of costume on children today!

  4. Becky

    One day when I was in kindergarden, a boy was being teased because the other kids were saying he was fat. Being the opinionated 5 year old that I was, I stepped in and told the other kids to knock it off. So a few days after that, the boy I defended came to school and asked me to come behind the bushes with him. I remember feeling a little bit nervous because I didn’t know what he was going to do. But he opened his lunch pail and it was full of beaded necklaces. He said they were all for me because of what I did for him. I took them home and showed my Mom and she said they would be perfect for a gypsy costume. So she sewed me a costume and I got to wear all of my new beads. The costume was great, but of course, it was the life lesson that had a profound and lasting effect on me.

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  6. It may be too late to enter, but I’m gonna try anyway! We dressed as Bob the Builder and Wendy this year and were remarkably convincing as construction workers. Perhaps we missed out true callings.

    • I hope there will be photos! Not too late at all. Rem and I had dinner at my mom’s so I’m just getting down to choosing numbers now. But I can tell you this: everyone wins something! Just a handful of people commented and so now I just have to figure out who gets what.

      • Yippee! No pics from last night but we’ll all be dressed up on Wed and Grammy will be here, so a copious amount of pics will be taken I’m sure. Thanks for letting me play!

  7. Congratulations and thank you all for your comments. Everyone is a winner! I’ll be sending individual emails to let you know what you’ve won and to get your mailing address.

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