Letting My Inner Goddess Out

Photo by Jim Arnold

Yes, I still dress up for Halloween.  I work at a community college and can wear my costume to work.  Here I am with my friend Nicole who looks super-glamorous in a feathered witches hat.

I get ideas for costumes and I’m lucky enough to have a mom who sews.  Then I work on the little details that take it from an idea into a whole character.

This year I wore a costume from a few years back but slightly changed the concept from “Stamping Goddess”  to “Creative Goddess”. I had to explain to most people that the “stamping” was for the rubber stamping I did.  Having to explain isn’t a good characteristic for a costume.  I decided that being a “Creative Goddess” would be easier to understand.

To make it even more clear, I carried business cards. I originally made the template for these during 30 Days of Creativity  but updated them with the job title of Creative Goddess.  Each was decorated with differing stamps, washi tape, Dianne dots and other embellishments.

A long, classic tunic with a purple drape was the base of my “Creative Goddess” costume. I was calling it a toga but when I looked up toga I learned that it would be more accurate to call it a “stola”.  The purple drape or mantle is a palla.

Photo by Faby Guillen

The wreath is made from designs of leaves and ferns stamped on fabric, cut out and glued back-to-back with a wire in between and then wired together. One thin wire connects all the way around and is mostly hidden under my hair in front.  I wanted that crown-of-laurels effect.

Photo by Rem O’Donnelley

I wore some of my hand crafted jewelry and made new accessories to add to the costume this year.

I created the pins on the palla with aluminum tape and card stock using the same technique as these charms with the addition of pin backs I attached with hot glue.

I embellished my sandals with little disks made using copper tape and paper, like I used here for pumpkin pins.  Copper polish on my toes added to the look.

Stick-on crystal jewels added sparkle and color to my accessories and I wore one on my forehead – bindi bling.

Glittery eye-makeup with black eye-liner, coppery shadow and lots of mascara completed my Creative Goddess look.

It was lots of fun letting my inner Goddess out for the day but I don’t have the time or patience to adorn myself like that every day. I’m happy to say I won the costume contest at work.  Next year I’ll be one of the judges but I’ll probably still come up with some kind of costume.

Do you wear a costume for Halloween?  This is what I wore last year.

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6 responses to “Letting My Inner Goddess Out

  1. You look lovely! That’s an awesome costume!!! Getting dressed up is fun, no matter how old or young you are. 🙂

  2. I worked in a middle school …so, yes…we dressed up…I’ve been a cave woman…a Louisville Cardinal Bird…and even a package of M&M’s…Your costume was great…I liked making my own too…My cardinal feet were bright yellow rubber gloves…it was a hoot!…mkg

  3. Love it!! I do the same every year. Have to start in June buying the stuff I see that is interesting then put it together that evening. I don’t want anyone saying, “Oh, I saw that costume at the store.”

    • Jean, I think your inner Goddess spends a lot of time being out! You don’t keep her inside much. Something that I think is interesting is that people want to know exactly who or what you are. So your costume-assemblage must confound some people.

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