Seattle At Last

I can’t believe we’ve been back from our vacation for over a month and I’m just now sharing pictures from the Seattle portion of our trip. We left Portland on Amtrak and enjoyed a little picnic on the way.

Some Tillamook cheddar, a Pink Lady apple, some popcorn chips, a Dagoba chai chocolate bar and a Powell’s anniversary Pear-Raspberry soda packed in my new Powell’s book bag.  Rem augmented the menu with a Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter.

I think the fact that we were only halfway through our vacation made our train ride and little picnic all the more relaxing and delicious.  We also enjoyed the scenery en route. This pair of bridges reminded me of the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course they’re green, not International Orange, but a similar design.  The pair is called the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed due to aeroelastic flutter 4 months after it opened.

Also on the train to Seattle was a large group of Green Bay Packers fans (aka Cheeseheads), on the way to a football game against the Seattle Seahawks, some wearing Cheese hats.

The Amtrak station is adjacent to CenturyLink Field and the crowds coming to the game delayed our friend Carson who was coming to pick us up but she made it and welcomed us to Seattle.

That evening we had a marvelous spaghetti and meatball dinner prepared by Andy on the last day of her visit with Carson, Ian and their little Bub.  A wonderful round of crafting followed (sorry, no photos), an early morning ride to the airport the next day to leave Andy for her homeward flight and to pick up our rental car and then a really boring time getting a new laptop…

Before it was finally time to see some of Seattle.

What better way than by DUCK BOAT!?

The Bub wasn’t too sure about this whole thing.

Was it a bus or a boat?  It has wheels AND life jackets.

The captain played loud music and the vehicle is open-sided so it was noisy and windy as we started our tour: some comedy schtick and local trivia accompanied by various themed song, plus some sight-seeing and Bub was not having anything to do with it.

For the most part he sat on his mom’s lap, closed his eyes and covered his ears.  But once our bus transformed into a water craft and we got off the noisy road and into Lake Union, the tour became something special.

A duck’s view of the Space Needle.

Floating was much more interesting than driving.  It was more peaceful too.

Gas Works Park (below) in the background with a man on the beach playing his guitar.

Rem enjoying the cruise.

Floating homes and a pair of canoes.

Soon we were back on land and saying goodbye to Carson and her Bub so they could go home for lunch and a nap.  We continued our sight-seeing at the Space Needle.

We enjoyed beautiful views along the waterfront, including the new Ferris wheel: The Seattle Great Wheel, then on to our next stop.

…and I’ll save that next stop for my next post!

Thanks for coming along.


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  1. nice post…always like photos…To see things I’ve never seen…mkg

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