Pike Place Market

After riding the Duck Boats and viewing the Seattle waterfront from the top of the Space Needle, we continued our day at Pike Place Market, one of the oldest continually operating farmer’s markets in the US.

Here is a taste of what the market has to offer:


We enjoyed watching the guys at the famous Pike Place Fish Market toss and catch fish between them.  They interact with the crowd and their customers and seem to be having a great time doing it.  I managed to catch one catch on camera.



The tiled corridor leading to the restrooms had a distinctive look.

This simple arrangement of umbrellas caught my eye.

Rem met some interesting characters.  Apparently, some people call this dude Bigfoot.

This life-sized bronze pig is Rachel the Piggybank.  She helps fundraising efforts and is said to bring good luck if you make a donation and rub her snout.

It was a great visit.

Rachel joins me in saying “thanks for stopping by”.  Oink.


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2 responses to “Pike Place Market

  1. I remember visiting here in early Sept 2001 when travelling during my last summer as a student. I loved it! I want to go back and see it nowadays. I only spent a day in Seattle, but remember a subway that had buses,.rather than trains running through it?

    • Seattle is well worth a return visit. We didn’t use the bus-tunnel but I read about it on their metro transit website. We had a great vacation. Where else did you go that summer?

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