Hello, Big Doggie

If you spend any time with Rem, you will soon learn he loves dogs.  And generally dogs love him too.  In fact, I think he must have some kind of positive doggie pheromones because he seems to attract dogs who act as if he were a long-lost friend.

Our last full day of our Pacific Northwest Vacation in late September was beautiful.  We went to the Ballard Locks (official name: Hiram M. Chittenden Locks) to watch boats moving between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of the Ship Canal, which connects  to Lake Union and Lake Washington.

We saw boats of many different shapes and sizes and we saw dogs.

This little Yorkie only had eyes for his (or her) guardian.

We saw several different dogs enjoying a Sunday afternoon pleasure cruise with their people.

After watching boats at the locks we went to get some lunch.  Walking down the street we came across a chair tree.

I noticed this beautiful carved stone in the sidewalk.

The doorway of a shop was surrounded with cherubs. I probably would have stopped if we weren’t heading for lunch.

This t-shirt caught my eye.

It’s for the South Lake Union Trolley.  Of course.

We bought our picnic and ate overlooking a bike path with more dog (and people) watching.

I think the little girl on the back of the bike was trying to point out the lady with the camera to her mom.

We tried to look harmless.

After lunch, we strolled through the Freemont Sunday Street Market.

A vendor’s dog seemed to be enjoying the warm sunshine.

I bought a toe ring.

Rem talked to the dogs.

It was a great day all around.

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7 responses to “Hello, Big Doggie

  1. Liz Freemantle

    When I become Empress, you will be appointed Official Chronicler of Life and All Important Things in the Empire. Seriously, this is so beautiful and fun to read. Oh, you can be Empress too.

  2. I think one Empress is enough and I believe you will be a wise and just ruler. I will happily be your appointee as Chronicler of Life & All Important Things in the Empire as long as there is time for crafting and cooking!

  3. Love the photo of Rem and the beautiful PitBull. All the doggies were just sweet!
    Dogs are pure joy. The cute toes belonging to Dianne, and the toe ring made my heart sing too!

  4. OK…the chair tree was unusual to say the least…but, kinda clever in an artsy way…nice photos…mkg

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