Dear Mr. President

Rem had the idea to send the card and I wanted to make it.  We know there’s only a very slim chance that Barack Obama will actually see the card, but our intention is good and we felt it was worth making and sending.

I’ve been making decorated tags to use on cards so decided to use one on the card for the President.

We know someone in the White House will see the card and be pleased and that’s good enough for us.  We enjoyed watching this video about how Obama reads 10 letters from the public.  Every day.  I think that’s cool.

Washi tape, stamped words, a butterfly sticker and some postage stamps were all part of the embellishments.

It was also pretty fun addressing a card that I made and sending it off to the White House with our very best wishes.

Here are a few other cards I’ve made recently with embellished tags.

Some of the cards are 5.5 inches square and some are the more standard 4.25 x 5.5 inches.  I keep my mom stocked with cards (mostly birthday) so she got some of these for her stash.

And here are tags that haven’t yet made it onto a card front.

I started out using some manila shipping tags but found it was more fun and really easier to just start with patterned paper and cut out the tag shape.

These are 2 1/8 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches long.  I cut the corners off (using a real tag as my template) and punch a hole at one end  A circle punch and hole punch are the tools needed to make the little reinforcing circle.  I find it easiest to punch out the hole first than align my circle punch so the hole is centered and punch out the circle.  My sister suggested punching out a circle and adhering it to the tag and just punching a hole through both the circle and the tag at the same time!  Very clever.  Only sometimes the circle comes unglued (don’t we all, sometimes?) and ends up stuck to the hole punch.  So you can try it either way.

I’ve been using some of the goodies I picked up in Kirkland, Washington on a Ben Franklin craft shopping spree with Carson.  The Ben Franklin’s around here aren’t the same.  I got two 6×6 paper pads that I’m loving (For the Record 2 Tailored, by Echo Park Paper Co., and Meadow by My Mind’s Eye). And of course washi tape.

I’m also using these gorgeous Flora & Fauna stickers by Cavallini that I found at Once Around craft store in Mill Valley.  I discovered a discount sales rack in their workroom and grabbed these stickers 50% off.  I LOVE them!

What have you been making?  Who have you been making it for?

Thanks for stopping by.


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5 responses to “Dear Mr. President

  1. violetannie63

    I love Cavallini stickers – they are the best! And you got your 50% off? OMG (and I have never written OMG in my life!) – lucky you! Lovely tags you have made too 🙂

  2. Love the cards…and I’m glad you felt inclined to mail our President a card…
    We should go by our feelings…just for own sakes…

    • Thanks, Marilyn. I seem to get on a roll with something and than just keep on doing it. I’m also trying to pay attention to my feelings and act accordingly. Well, within reason, anyway.

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