Going Out With a Sneeze

Happy, healthy and safe New Year’s wishes to all of you.

I’ve been anticipating the little lull that happens for me after Christmas.  That lovely Christmas-is-over-and-I-don’t-have-to-go-back-to-work-yet time.  It’s very precious and I really look forward to it.

I got it this year – I am off from work from Friday, December 21. to Wednesday, January 2.  I did go in for an hour one day and four hours another to unpack boxes in my new office and get that situated, but it was completely relaxed, not dealing with anyone’s needs but my own.

The problem is, I am still not completely over a cold that came to visit on Monday the 17th.  Then I got some icky little bug that really knocked me down.  Let’s just say  I didn’t go anywhere for two days but back and forth to the bathroom. I had a low fever and was achy all over.  I’m grateful that I have this generous time off during the holidays to relax or in this case recover.  I know many people are working retail during the holidays who just get beat up with the long days, long lines and short tempers.  Others are not working at all.

But I was really anticipating some great craft time working in my Art Journal.  Maybe even time to write a post about it and show you some pages.  I contemplated a delicious stroll through an art store buying some new supplies with a Christmas gift certificate I received from Rem.  I was considering a decadent block of time here.  I thought about a few great hikes I might take, loaves of bread I might bake, or drives Rem and I might take.

Instead I was lucky to squeeze in one walk and visit with my friend Liz down from Seattle, and lunch with my mom. I made a big pot of chicken soup today and nearly wore myself out in the process, going all the way to Safeway and back.  I blew through a box or two of Kleenex. Rem showed me this site for online jigsaw puzzles so that when I could sit up for awhile I could distract myself.

I wouldn’t have done all the things I thought about doing, but there’s a difference between choosing to lie on the couch in your PJ’s until noon, reading a favorite old novel (I reread September by Rosamunde Pilcher for the 4th or maybe 5th time), and feeling cruddy and not having the energy to sit up.

Sometimes I read fashion blogs and I love seeing outfits put together in combinations I wouldn’t have thought of.  This morning I was trying to come up with something funny to say about the outfit I had assembled:

The vintage blue nightgown has a rustic appeal with its distressed look. It’s a sassy topper over black exercise pants and is equally at home with the soft but grubby baby blue bathrobe.  Or layer all three together – so versatile.  Sash or no sash? You decide!  Accessories: new black and white slippers from my sister Sarah.  She probably didn’t know I would have them on ’round the clock but they are perfect – so soft, and they keep my toes warm.

Tomorrow I’m hoping that Rem and I can manage a little drive.  If not, we’re restocked on Kleenex, there’s chicken soup in the fridge and we can go do jigsaw puzzles at JigZone.

Thanks for stopping by and here’s hoping 2013 is a good year for all.


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10 responses to “Going Out With a Sneeze

  1. Julie

    Feel better soon Dianne!!!

    • Thanks! It’s a whole new year tomorrow. I’ve decided that this has just my system getting rid of the last of the yucky stuff before the end of the year. It’s a nice idea, anyway!

  2. Feel better soon, Dianne! I know you’re sick, but I had quite the giggle reading the fashion bit at the the end. “Sash or no sash? You decide!” Too funny! Glad you had time to recover a bit before going back into work. Take care!

  3. Isn’t that the way it happens!…My husband says, “When your body has time…it just relaxes…and then you never know what will happen!”…in other words…you had time to be sick…Not so fun!…Feel better…and try to have a few hours of “fun” time …

    • Marilyn, you are so right! In fact, the last week at work with a cold was lousy and I would normally have stayed home but with packing up our offices and wrapping up the semester plus last minute things for the new building (like sorting out all the KEYS for everyone in the building to get when they return), I just didn’t think I could take the time. I was doing everything else (lots of vitamin C, saline rinses, zinc, over-the-counter stuff for my headache, cancelling gym and social stuff after work) that I could think of to help but not the thing I needed MOST to do which was to stay home and rest and get better. Oh, not to mention trying to get ready for Christmas (yeah, I still owe a bunch of handmade bead bracelets). So that is what I’ve been doing now.
      I think we will get out for a few hours today.

  4. Hope you will be better soon! 🙂 WIsh you and yours a very Happy New Year 2013 🙂

  5. hahaha! o my goodness, I love your fashion sense (of humor)!

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