Pie in Petaluma, 1/1/13

Petaluma's Choice

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Tuesday was bright and sunny.  Rem and I drove up to Petaluma for a stroll around, some window shopping and some lunch.

Colorful Garland

Some shops were closed for New Year’s Day but there was still plenty to see and enjoy.  Copperfield Books was one of our first stops.

Petaluma has lots of beautiful, old buildings with great architectural detail.

Architectural Details

Public Library

I chose sepia for the photo below because with modern cars cropped out, it looks like the photo could have been taken in an earlier era.


A highlight to our visit was this little shop, the Petaluma Pie Company.

Petaluma Pie Company

The charming shop has both sweet and savory pie and uses organic and local ingredients in their pies.  They sell single serving hand pies, (5-inch turnovers), individual pies in small pie tins and full-sized pies.


They had a variety of savory pies that were hot and ready to eat as well as many delicious looking sweet pies in different shapes, sizes and varieties.  We’ll have to return for more tasting.

Case of Pies

We split a Beef Empanada hand pie that was delicious: loaded with mildly spiced beef, onions, green olives and raisins.

Beef Empanada

They have t-shirts and mugs with this slogan:

Eat Pie Not Cake Mug

It’s time for PIE!

It's Pie Time!

A collection of old- fashioned egg beaters adorn one wall.

Egg Beaters

Sweet little birds crafted from mini pie tins flutter across another.

Pie Pan Birds

There were miniature pie-tin magnets made from bottle tops at the front counter.

Pie Company Magnets

More pie-themed art added to the charm of the shop.


I’m already looking forward to a future visit.

Kitty Pie Print

After we ate, we wandered down to the Petaluma River.

Pedestrian Bridge

Rem greeted a sweet dog.

Hello, Big Dogie

It was a great outing.

Thanks for your visit.


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6 responses to “Pie in Petaluma, 1/1/13

  1. Bobby Bradford

    Hi Diane — We just got a 1905 fixer-upper (LOTS of fixer) In midtown Petaluma, and will remember this when we get past the “work-dog-work” phase and can start enjoying the town. Thanks! Cheers — Bobby


    • Hi, Bobby – If Petaluma were closer to the campus, I would be very happy living there! But for the commute, I’m glad we live in San Rafael. Congrats on your new (old) place and good luck on the work ahead of you. I hope it goes smoothly. Do be sure and stop by Petaluma Pie company – I’m sure some time when you’ve been working hard it would be nice to treat yourselves to a savory pie supper or a celebratory sweet pie for dessert. Happy New Year!

  2. What a nice day!…things my husband and I like to do…SIMPLE is my word for the year…and isn’t it wonderful!…would love to taste anything from Petaluma Pie’s!

    • Marilyn – Simple is a great concept. I think we can all agree that many pleasures and joys in this world are the simplest and most can’t be bought. Here’s to your simple, wonderful year!

  3. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for stopping by the shop, and for the nice posting here. Hope to see you again! Happy New Year!

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