San Francisco Ferry Getaway

Ferry Building

It was Spring Break this past week at the community college where I work, so students and faculty were off, but the campus was still open and the staff were still at work.  Until Friday.  After four quiet days of catching up on undone tasks including typing evaluation comments, filing a towering pile of paper and reorganizing my filing system, I decided to enjoy a vacation day.

I’ve been wanting to take the Larkspur Ferry to San Francisco and wander the shops in the Ferry Building Marketplace, and Rem was game.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and it was so nice being off work on a week day, I enjoyed it all the more.  Hooray for last minute days off!

Our destination, the Ferry Building Marketplace, is a beautifully renovated, landmark building with lots of little shops, cafes and restaurants with a major focus on food, plus beautiful and useful things for the home and garden.

First stop, Sur La Table, where I saw these little cake stands, or maybe cupcake stands.  They were very sweet and also very small.

Cupcake Stands

I love the artwork on this tin of Merula olive oil from Spain.

Merula Olive Oil

I admit, I wouldn’t have known that Pioppini and Nameko were mushrooms.  They are only two of the many, many mushrooms we saw at Far West Fungi.


A beautiful set of nesting bowls made from olive wood was only one of the many items  at The Gardener that I would be delighted to have in our home.

Olivewood Bowls

You can pick up a cute little knit critter.

Little Knit Critters

Or a book on how to knit your own.

Knit Your Own Dog

We already have our own little dog, LLP (Little Little Pup), which is good since I don’t knit.  He came along on our adventure and met a small crocodile.


Succulents – I like their pretty soft greens and purples.


The high ceiling of the Marketplace is topped with skylights.  A few pigeons have wandered in and made themselves at home, adding to the Farmer’s Market feeling.


We sat outside on the esplanade to eat our lunch, overlooking a docked ferry and the Bay Bridge.

Golden Gate Ferry Boat

My spring rolls and peanut sauce were from Out the Door, the take-out counter for the Slanted Door restaurant.

Spring Roll

Rem enjoyed a hot BBQ Pulled-Beef sandwich from Golden Gate Meat Company.  We went back later and bought some steak to bring home and grill.

BBQ Beef

I could have done more shopping but I didn’t want to schlep it all home on the ferry.

Pretty Produce

Bright, colorful produce at Farm Fresh to You.


Pretty shopping bags caught my eye.

Shopping Bags

As did this striped and ruffled pasta at Village Market.

Striped Pasta

After more strolling we stopped at Gott’s Roadside for a cup of soft serve vanilla ice cream to share.

Soft Serve

Back outside into the sunshine, this time we sat on the street side of the building to people watch.

I enjoyed the line of pedicab drivers as they hustled to get customers.  These two were at the end of the line.


We made a relaxed visit to Book Passage where I picked up one new and one used book.  The new one is An Everlasting Meal, Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler.  What an appealing title.  The used one is Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, a book I loved and read several times included while on a trip to Italy that was inspired, in part, by the book.

I lost my well-thumbed copy and hadn’t thought of getting another until I saw this one. I started reading it right away while sitting on a bench in the marketplace.  It was like sitting down with an old friend.

Soon enough it was time to board the return ferry and head home.  I went out on the deck and took one more shot of the building as we departed.

"San Francico"

We had a splendid day!


A day like that reminds me how lucky we are to live where we do.   I am grateful.

Leaving SF

Thanks for coming by for a visit.


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13 responses to “San Francisco Ferry Getaway

  1. Thanks for sharing your fun day!
    We really are lucky to live in this area where so many people come to visit from all over the world. Enjoyed the knit your dog kit too. And,
    It is always good to see Rem and Lil Pup hanging with the fabulous blogger FawFaw.
    Great photos!

  2. Betty

    Oh, this makes me so homesick!! I used to take the ferry to/from work in One Embarcadero. *sigh* I still refer to the City as home, even though I’ve been gone many years. I keep saying “Some day” – maybe it will even come true. Say hi to my lovely CA for me. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’m forwarding to my friend who also misses it.

  3. Victoria Faw

    Really lovely post, Dianne.

  4. violetannie63

    Looks like a wonderful day off exploring and seeing the sites. I love the beautiful mushrooms and the striped pasta! Also kinda love the knitted dog book as the pooch on the cover looks like a German Shorthaired Pointer and I grew up with them. Glad you had a great time 🙂

    • Wasn’t that book cute? I told Rem with enough time, space and money, I would happily fill a kitchen, even a home and garden with beautiful items from the Marketplace.

  5. oh, my!…my kind of place…and a ride on a ferry too…how wonderful is that!…I liked all of the photos…but, the colorful pasta grabbed me…and those beautiful wood bowls…You do live in a lovely place!…

  6. Reblogged this on MKG- Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts and commented:
    Dianne Faw…is a fellow blogger …I just want you to see her beautiful Ferry Trip…I enjoyed it so much!

  7. I hope you don’t mind…I reblogged this on my post…loved the photos!

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