What I Ate In One Week, Part II

Fried Egg

Welcome to Part II of my photo journal of the food I ate last week.  This is the more indulgent portion of the week, what with an extra day off and a great trip to the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace.  It kind of balances out the first part of the week.

Friday morning: Fried Egg Friday!  I used to eat whole eggs 3 or 4 days a week but in the interest of my health, I now have one fried egg per week.  This week: 1 fried egg on a toasted, whole-grain sandwich thin, sauteed chard, with a dish of sliced apples and bananas.

Drippy Egg Yolk

Sampling tasting olive oil at McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil, at the Ferry Building Marketplace.

Bread 'n Oil

Lunch: Spring Rolls and peanut sauce from Out the Door.  Yummy.

Spring Roll

Now, more samples while walking around the Marketplace.

Delicious almond brittle with dark chocolate from Alfieri Fruits & Nuts. We bought some to take home.  The gentleman who was handing out samples gave me a bemused look when I stopped to take a picture before I would take a taste.

Almond Brittle

A handful of kumquats from Farm Fresh to You helped me feel like I was eating something healthy.  Have you tried kumquats before? The skin of a kumquat is the sweetest part and the flesh can be quite tart. I like them but these ones were a little more tart that I prefer.  But good.


At Cowgirl Creamery they gave out samples of Effie’s Oatcakes, a little cookie that reminded me of a cross between graham crackers and shortbread. I just looked at the site for the oatcakes and saw a picture of s’mores made with them.  Oh, my.  That sounds like a perfect combination.

They were giving out milk too, for that cozy milk ‘n cookies vibe.

Milk & Oatcakes

As if all this snacking wasn’t enough, we had some soft serve vanilla ice cream from Gott’s Roadside.  Luckily for me, Rem was willing to share a few bites so I didn’t have a whole serving of my own.

Soft Serve

Curiosity convinced us to try “Mo’s Dark a Bar“, a bacon-dark chocolate bar that we picked up at Farm Fresh to You earlier.  It was a very small bar (1/2 oz.), but for me, a big disappointment.  Neither of us could taste bacon.  Now I know and I don’t need to try it again. Whew.

Bacon Bar

We left the Marketplace and took the ferry back to Marin.

Amazingly, I got home hungry.  So, I had 1/2 a banana and a delicious roll picked up at the Marketplace, which held me over until dinner.

The roll, from The Acme Bread Company was called Edible Schoolyard, made from 100 percent stone-milled organic whole-wheat flour, rye pumpernickel flour, honey,  and salt.  I will look for the Edible Schoolyard loaf another time – it is a winner.

Bread & Banana

Dinner: Leftover rice noodles, tofu and chard with red cabbage, apple, fennel and carrot slaw.

Tofu & Slaw

Saturday breakfast: Cereal, banana and 2% milk.


Snack: A little handful of nuts.

Handful o' nuts

Lunch (with mom): Big green salad with cucumber, tomato, carrot & avocado topped with turkey-ham salad and hard boiled egg.  On the side: whole grain Ritz crackers and a little fruit salad of grapes, tangerine & blueberries.

Saturday Salad

And Mom’s homemade oatmeal cookies.

Oatmeal Cookies

Later that afternoon: jellybeans.


Dinner: Delicious grilled hanger steak picked up on Friday at  Golden Gate Meat Company, sauteed kale, steamed green beans with lemon, cherry tomatoes and Acme Bread Company herb slab.  All the more delicious because Rem cooked (thanks).

Steak & Greens

Snacking while blogging: Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Seeds. Chocolate.

Dessert: Greek yogurt with blueberry jam.

Yogurt 'n' jam

Last day!

Sunday breakfast: Egg white-veggie-tofu scramble with baked tofu, chard, cherry tomatoes and cilantro with toasted herb slab & honey plus prunes.

Tofu veggie scramble

Snack (just home from the Farmer’s Market): Kumquats – better than the ones at the Ferry Building Marketplace.

More kumquats

Trader Joe’s taste: Tater tot and sausage.

Tater Tot & Sausage

Lunch: Juice! Kale, chard, cucumber, celery, fennel, apple, orange, grapes, lime & mint.


Green Juice

Snackies: Ritz 100 calorie snack mix and fresh peas.

Snack Pack


Dinner: Halibut with lemon and whipped butter, toasted herb slab, Greek salad and an artichoke with lemon/olive oil mayo dipping sauce.

Fine Fish Dinner

Dessert: a piece of that heavenly Almond Brittle with dark chocolate.  I ate it before taking a picture so here is the picture from Friday.

Almond Brittle

That is it, every bite.

On Sunday morning I did a big shopping at the Farmer’s Market.  I hadn’t been in weeks and it was wonderful to walk the aisles, picking up fresh, delicious produce for the week ahead.  I’m all stocked up for the week ahead.

Market Basket

Thank you for coming on by.


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6 responses to “What I Ate In One Week, Part II

  1. this might be a good idea…I’ll share it with my TOPS group…that’s Take Off Pouunds Sensibly…seeing what you ate for a week would be amazing…even a day would be something!

  2. violetannie63

    Such a good idea for a post…I wouldn’t be brave enough to tell the world what I had eaten in a week! 🙂

    • Thanks! It was a pretty honest representation but it was also when I’m on an “eating healthy” streak. Would I share when I’m just eating whatever I feel like? NO! I don’t think so. It was really good incentive for me: both for helping me stick to the kind of eating that is best for me and also for taking the few extra minutes to make it colorful and appetizing. Adding a garnish, putting it into a pretty bowl or whatever. I actually do that kind of stuff most of the time because I’m very visual and I like to make it look good.

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