Day 2: Año Nuevo State Park

Day 2 Ano Nuevo

We went to Año Nuevo State Park yesterday and saw elephant seals.  This spread has pictures from the brochure and map we picked up, a bookmark and the picture of the bull elephant seal on the right is from a magazine photo of a life-sized seal at the Marine Mammal Center.

Map detail

We saw loads of seals but none of the bulls.  The females and juvenile males were up on the beaches.  Some of the juveniles were sounding off at each other and challenging each other but nothing like the full-on fighting and mating that goes on in January.

You lookin' at me?

Seal Pups

Last year I made this: Cake Stand.

The year before I made this: Embossed Tins.

Thanks for your visit.


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2 responses to “Day 2: Año Nuevo State Park

  1. you are moving on… and I’m enjoying reading all of your crafty ideas from years past too…

    • Thanks – I look back on all that I managed to accomplish both years during 30 Days of Creativity and I’m amazed. Glad you are taking a look at old projects. There are some real winners in there!

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