Day 4: Running Out Of Time

Running out of Time

Day 4: Running Out Of Time.  I started this before going to work and it was a foggy morning.  The image of the woman caught my eye…

Running out of Time woman

Than I  found the misty Venice picture.  It all pulled together when I found the hourglass which seemed to suit the timeless quality of Venice as well as the idea of time running out and the look of apprehension or concern on the woman’s face.


I completed the spread after my choir rehearsal, adding layers of paper and color.

Last year I made these: Double Sponged and Embossed Cards

The year before I made these: Pizza Bites

Thanks for stopping by.


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4 responses to “Day 4: Running Out Of Time

  1. I really like the running time with the hour glass and the woman seems to be concerned about it! 🙂 very good day 4! 🙂

    • Ingrid and Marilyn – You are such great cheerleaders for this project! Thank you both. I post in the evening and then check my comments in the morning. I so appreciate it!

  2. I’ve got to try this book idea…love it!….and read other blogs…so neat…the cards were beautiful!…Just read to make pizza bites but using canned dough and and wrapping around cheese and peppperoni..will try sometime

    • Marilyn – Here is my challenge to you: before the end of the month I’d love to hear that you tried either a recipe you’ve found here (craft recipes ok too) or tried the Art Journal idea. Go for it!! (Hey, anyone else reading this, I’d love to hear from you too if you tried out Art Journaling or a recipe you’ve seen here).

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