Day 8: Batch of Birthday Cards

Orange & Blue Card

Day 8: Batch of Birthday Cards. I think I’m in an orange phase!  Instead of pages in my Art Journal, I had a request from my mom for some birthday cards. She said she needed some “quick and easy” cards. The first two cards have some of the same techniques and feeling of the journal pages I’ve been creating.

The Orange and Blue Card, above, was followed by a Blue and Orange Card.

Blue & Orange Card

I was trying to do some cards that would be good for giving to guys.

Next I did two with retro stamp designs.  An old-fashioned Victrola…

Victrola Card

And an old-fashioned typewriter.

Typewriter Card

I was getting tired but found a piece of paper leftover from an old project that was already stamped with designs, so I made one last card: the Bird Birthday card.

Bird Birthday

Last year for Day 8 I baked these: Cardamom Pecan Cookies.

The previous year I made these: Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Thanks for stopping by. Do come back tomorrow to see what I make next!


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6 responses to “Day 8: Batch of Birthday Cards

  1. well…they are just “all that” as my Granddaughter says…Lucky Mom to have you whip up a few cards…and I really like the orange/blue combo…

  2. Nancy Faw

    Thanks, Dianne! Mom

  3. you make them so pretty! they look great and I always love handmade cards. don’t know why I don’t make them more often! I should! 🙂 & agree orange and blue go very well together! 🙂

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