Day 10: Collaged Coffee Cup Sleeve

Beautiful Java Jacket

Day 10: Collaged Coffee Cup Sleeve.  You know those little cardboard sleeves you can pick up to protect your hand from the hot cup of coffee or tea? They’re so disposable.

Plain Sleeve

I picked up a few the other day.  I don’t even drink coffee but I saw the stack of them and remembered seeing some that had been collaged.  I love collage and this was a small scale project.

A hike after work meant I did some crafting during breaks at work today and finished it up after the hike, dinner and a shower.

Java Jacket Collage

I used  Golden Fluid Matte Medium, but I think Mod Podge would also work.

Matte Medium & Collage

Thin paper, magazine pages, printed napkins, origami paper are all good choices for this project.  I included some used postage stamps and security envelope linings.  I even used some card stock scraps.  By running it over a bone folder or the dull side of a scissor blade repeatedly, the card stock can be distressed and the paper peeled into two, thinner layers.  Thinner paper worked better for this small project.

After the little sleeve is covered, let it dry. Glue any corners that may need a little extra help adhering.  Then trim down the paper around the edge.  I was going to fold it over the edge and glue to the inside, but realized it might not slide onto the cup.

Plain Cup

You want it to go on the cup!  The cup is too hot.


I’m going to give my decorative Java Jackets to friends.  I think they might keep them and reuse them.

A little water-soluble oil crayon finished the edge.  I added a few little sparkly stickers.

Two Sleeves

Perhaps they would work as big cuff bracelets.  I didn’t want to put my big hand all the way through – I thought I might break one.

Red Sleeve

Views from the hike:

SR Hike View

Richmond SR Bridge


And that tower at the top of the hill.


In 2012 for Day 10 I made this: Vegetable Potato Salad.

The year before I took a picture of a Toaster with Neon Flames.

Thank you for your visit and support with this 30 day challenge!


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2 responses to “Day 10: Collaged Coffee Cup Sleeve

  1. cute little gifts… always thinking I see…
    will have to check out the toaster with neon flames later…
    you did hike!…beautiful…

    • Hiked last night, movie tonight. But Day 11 is well started. I’m not sure if it shows how late it is when I hit “Publish” but I hope to get this one out in the world at a reasonable hour. Take care and as always, thanks for your comments!

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