Day 11: White On White

White On White

Day 11: White On White.

Simple objects from my crafting desk, and from around the house , glued atop the page.  For the heavier items, I used E6000 adhesiveTombow adhesive worked for the tag, stamps, burlap scrap, and felt flowers

Glued items, pre Gesso

For most spreads I glue three pages together on each side so they’re really sturdy.  For this one I glued 4 pages on each side.

1 Layer Gesso

I envisioned the familiar items all in white on a white background so you would just see the shape and texture.

I don’t have any white paint so I was using Gesso.

Page 1 White on White

Page 2 White on White

Last year Day 11’s project were these Button Rings.

The first year I did 30DOC, I made this epic Minature Paper Dress on day 11.

Come back tomorrow and see what I come up with!


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5 responses to “Day 11: White On White

  1. very nice! I agree with Marilyn; different but I really it too! 🙂

    • Thanks. I get these ideas and they don’t always turn out the way I envision them, but I’ve been pleased with every spread so far. I wish I had some white paint because it would have covered the items better than the gesso. Still, I’m happy with the results.

  2. I am just loving your 30 days of creativity. I did a white on white some years ago as part of a course I was on and it was all about folding and manipulating paper. I must dig it out and make a post of it sometime!

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