Day 12: Hand Made

Day 12: Hand Made.

Hand Made

Another collage – some of the details include these little gestures.  It’s good to remember that our hands can convey many meanings, including some we may not intend.  In fact, looking at these pictures after posting them, I can see something that I didn’t intend at all: the hand on the right, made from a collage of hand pictures, looks a little like an anatomical picture of the muscles and inside “parts” of a pink and meaty. It’s all a collage of other hands.

Thumbs Up

Rock On


Do you recognize these hands?

Da Vinci Model

I love hand made things!

A year ago, I made this nifty String Jar on Day 12.

Two years ago, I crafted a Needle Felted Placemat.

What do you hand-make?

Thanks for stopping by.


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6 responses to “Day 12: Hand Made

  1. Mona lisa’s?
    Love the hand collage and the different meanings for the hand symbols!

  2. love the hands… how would us crafters do without them… and the string jar will have to be put on a list of “to dos”…

  3. you are right about the collage of the hand of hands; it does look like an anatomical picture 🙂 very nice work Dianne!

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