Day 13: Venus at the Spa

Venus at the Spa

Day 13: Venus at the Spa.  When I go to a spa and have several luxurious treatments, I know I don’t look like Venus.  But I feel so relaxed and pampered, all massaged and buffed and polished that I come out feeling like a new me.  Like I’ve just stepped out of my shell.

I’m going to make an appointment for a relaxing visit to Imperial Day Spa next week.  It will be a lovely treat.

Dip the toe

After soaking in a jacuzzi, sweating in a steam room, and relaxing in a sauna, I will be scrubbed and massaged.

My skin will be silky smooth.  But I won’t look like this.


But I will feel like a goddess.

On Day 13 last year I was tired out and so created this Vegcycle while playing with my vegetables at the dinner table.

The year before I also created something pretty quick and easy: A Covered Match Box and Candle Set.

Thanks for your visit.


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4 responses to “Day 13: Venus at the Spa

  1. OK…I’m ready to get pampered…
    Like the matchbox/candle idea as a little gift…

  2. very nice! I hope you will be relaxed after you leave the spa! 🙂

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