Day 14: Peachy


Day 14: Peachy.  At the community college where I work, we have Fridays off in the summer.  You can work all your hours in four days or work some of them and use vacation for some of them or use vacation or comp time for all the Fridays.  It is a very nice perk of the job.  It also works out rather nicely that 30 Days of Creativity starts when I have an extra day off.

Today I went to the gym than for a walk with my mom and her dog, Molly, then we had breakfast together.  I spent most of the rest of the day crafting with my sister, Kathleen, and her little sister, Ariel.

This is the craft table at Kathleen’s house.

Collage Table

They wanted to try creating their own altered book Art Journals.  I walked them through a two-page spread on color and did another color spread myself.

My color: peach.  Rem’s nickname for me is Peaches, so it seemed like a good choice for me.  I love this picture of actress Helen Mirren who I think is an all-around peach of a person and a juicy actress as well.  Did I mention that I also think she’s beautiful?  She looks calm and confident in this photo.

Helen Mirren

This beautiful, peachy, garden wall is so appealing to me.  An lovely curved archway, a path, blooming roses and a seat to stop and soak in the surroundings.

Garden Wall

You can’t see it in the photo but there are a few scraps of fuzzy paper that I created by distressing a piece of card stock, pulling it over the edge of a bone folder much like you would curl a ribbon by pulling it across the blade of a pair of scissors.  After doing this a few times, I could peel apart the two layers of card stock and the inside is soft and fuzzy.


This is the spread Ariel did on the color purple.


Kathleen did her pages on turquoise.


It was great crafting with them. We shared ideas, suggestions, techniques and supplies. Kathleen also made a delicious Caesar chicken salad for lunch.  I love seeing what other people create when we’re all doing similar projects.

They weren’t finished with the next pages before I left so I didn’t get Kathleen’s but Ariel was almost finished with her pocket page.

Ariel's Pocket Pages

The full moon and palm fronds over the ocean is at the top, then the surface of the ocean, a sandy beach and finally the scene under the ocean, in which you can see Ariel’s namesake.

These tags, to tuck in the pockets were almost finished.


On Day 14  last year I made these nifty Business Cards, which reminds me I need to make more.

The year before, my Day 14 project, a Rolled Page Picture Frame, made a very cute Father’s Day gift for a new dad.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending a little time at Kentucky Girl Designs Collage Cafe! More crafting! Yay!

Peachy Open Book

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6 responses to “Day 14: Peachy

  1. Loving your peachy page. I love the idea of a pockets page- I may adapt it this summer for a holiday souvenir picture! If I do I will link back to you!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I enjoyed your photos on your post. Feel free to use my pages for whatever creative inspiration they can provide. I’ve borrowed along the way too. I hope to have a post out soon with a little bit more about Art Journaling but there is loads online, youtube videos, etc. for plenty more ideas.

  2. Like the PeachyPage…Husband from GA…so will probably add one of those for sure when I start my book…Thanks for the idea…”I did get me a book to use”…that’s a start , huh!

  3. very, very nice Dianne and glad you had a great time and that you all shared ideas and techniques 🙂

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