Day 15: Taj Mahal Kiss

Taj Mahal Kiss

Day 15: Taj Mahal Kiss.  I started this spread yesterday. My sister was generous with her folders of images and had already given me the Taj Mahal picture.

The item that really inspired this spread though was this.

Magenta Ink

Magenta Ink.

When I was leafing through Kathleen’s pictures, I found this image of the beautiful sari-clad woman happily receiving a kiss from her turbaned beau. That image, the Taj Mahal and a carpet and some tiles I had pictures of along with bright magenta, celadon, and turquoise inks and I just needed to start gluing.


Kathleen also had the silver paisley embellishments.  So – thank you for sharing your goodies!

Today, at the Collage Cafe at Kentucky Girl Designs, I completed the pages with a stamped ink medallion, a little teal ink around the larger silver paisley embellishment, and a few adhesive jewels.

Bright Pink Camelia

Fifteen days done, fifteen to go!

Last year on Day 15:  Notecards with Lined Envelopes

And the year before that? Glass Marble Magnets

I started two great pages at the Collage Cafe.  Visit tomorrow to see the first one.

Thanks for stopping by!


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2 responses to “Day 15: Taj Mahal Kiss

  1. very pretty! I love where you got the inspiration from: Magenta; pretty and happy color! the woman in the picture looks happy too! 🙂

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