Day 17: Niche with Wings

Niche with Wings

Day 17: Niche with Wings.  Here is another feather from my collection.  It is set in a little niche or shallow recess that I cut into about 8 pages all glued together.

I started this page on Saturday, worked on it a bit yesterday and finished it today.

Feather in Niche

After work I took another challenging hike with my sister Sarah and a few other hiking buddies. I’m tuckered out, so I’m just going to share some more pictures and call it a day!  We combined the last two hikes, going up one hill and coming down the other side instead of looping back down the same way we’d come.  It took a little logistics with cars, but it really felt like an achievement.

Here is our view coming back down.  It isn’t the best quality photo, but it shows the view.  The Richmond San Rafael Bridge is in the foreground, Larkspur Ferry is a little dot in the middle and the Bay Bridge is in the background.

Bridges & Ferry

Now back to my page.

Bird and Leaves

Leaf Detail

Feather Close Up

More views from the hike: Bay Bridge and SF Skyline.

SF Skyline

Richmond San Rafael Bridge with Oakland in the background.

Richmond SRafael Bridge

And one last look at the Niche with Wings.

Niche at an angle

Day 17 in 2012 was my big Chocolate Bowl Fail – what a mess!  I found splatters of chocolate on the ceiling.

In 2011, Rem and I went into the city on Day 17 and so I did Friday Photos in San Francisco.

Thanks for stopping by.


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6 responses to “Day 17: Niche with Wings

  1. really like the idea of the niche…you are so talented in bringing these pages together…

    • Thanks, as always, Marilyn, for your kindness. I’ve been wanting to do a niche. I’ve already got ideas to use in the next journal I do…in fact, I’ll probably have two that I start around the same time. I’ll be able to work on each of them, back and forth. I love little niches, pockets, doors, etc.

  2. Liking the niche and loving your photos. Had a fabulous holiday there last year!

    • Thanks, Cathy. With views like these, it would be hard to go wrong. It is a beautiful place to live and I feel fortunate that I do. Where did you go when you were here?

  3. gorgeous picture of the view, you are hiking a lot; it must be fun! 🙂
    & your page looks very nice too; the wings of the niche look good like that

    • Thanks – we live in a beautiful area and these hikes have been UP hill so the views are really great! It is fun and it is also strenuous! Thanks for the comments – I’m pleased with how the niche pages turned out

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