Day 18: Chard Couture

Charlotte Cha-Cha's

Day 18: Chard Couture.  I think Charlotte looks fabulous in this elegant gown of rich green and pink Swiss chard.

I must apologize to the artist who created the paper doll.  I found her online and when I tried to find the site this evening after my choir rehearsal, I couldn’t find it.

Chard Couture

Her curly kale petticoat is peeking out from under the hem of the chard gown.  She has a wrist full of eggplant bangles and her clutch is beaded in pale green cucumber seeds.

Her high-heeled pump is of basil leaves adorned with blackberries.

Last year on Day 18 I did this Secret Banana Message.

The year before that, my project for Day 18 was a Father’s Day Card & Ribbon.

Thank you for visiting.


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4 responses to “Day 18: Chard Couture

  1. you make my mind do a double take…makes me smile…a dress of swiss chard…who woulda thunk it!

    • I just looked at the picture of the Swiss chard and it looked so pretty and reminded me of a party dress. The seed was planted and I just needed to let it grow.

  2. very nice dress, I had to look twice to notice it! 🙂 very nice collage!

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