Day 19: Skateboard Challenge

Skateboard Challenge

Day 19: Skateboard Challenge.  I decided to challenge myself to use a subject that was not one I’m drawn to along with a color (yellow) that isn’t my favorite.  I wanted to do a spread using an image cut into strips and nothing I already had seemed to lend itself to that treatment.

A friend suggested a black and white picture.  I remembered this magazine that I’d picked up at the gym (and was passing along to a friend who does collage projects where she works). It is called The Skateboard Mag and you can check out their website here.

The Skateboard Mag

This is the cover shot of a skateboarder doing…well, I have no idea what he’s doing.  But it looks dangerous.

Boarder Close Up

I painted the pages with gesso first, than scribbled on some yellow water-soluble crayon and brushed that around with water.

Cutting the picture into strips was simple but I decided to number them on the back because I was doing the layout at work on my lunch break.  When I got home I added yellow Sharpie scribbles, white and black ink circles and other doodles and splatters of white, black and yellow with watercolor paint.

Skateboard Challenge

Some yellow-grid washi tape and ink pad smears were the finishing touches.  I admit, it isn’t my favorite page but I’m pleased with the results.

Last year, this was my project for Day 19: Wrap Bracelet.

The year before that, I made this: Vegetables and Dip (includes a recipe!)

I’ll be back tomorrow for Day 20.  Thanks for coming over to my blog!


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2 responses to “Day 19: Skateboard Challenge

  1. I like it very much but I like yellow, for me it’s a happy color 🙂 I hadn’t noticed the yellow washi tape until you mentioned it , it blended very well!

    • I’m ok with yellow in some context and you’re right, it is a happy color. I like yellow with blue – for example, in a sunny kitchen. The washi tape was almost invisible – it is a fine yellow grid, not easy to see.

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