Day 20: Spiral


Day 20: Spiral.  I started this spread last night.  I’m getting near the end of my journal and I want to keep all the pages for this 30-Days-of-Creativity  project in one book.  I had a few blank pages at the beginning of the book, so I started working there.  The binding was coming a bit unglued, so I used some torn pieces of white paper and matte medium to reinforce it.

I really didn’t have anything in mind for today but as I layered the torn white paper onto the pages I formed two spirals.  When I showed my friend and colleague, Shook, at lunch today, she immediately saw the spiral design I had created and said it made her think of two things: a fiddle-head fern and a wave.

The natural world is full of spirals – curled green tendrils on plants,beautiful nautilus shells, a rose bud, a succulent, and a ram’s horn to name a few. I grabbed some images off the computer (including photo’s from Shook – thank you!) and after work I looked through my scraps of printed paper and pulled out bits with curly designs.

Spiraly Scraps

Before I started adhering the paper, I put down a wash of green with water soluble oil crayons and highlighted the spiral with yellow-orange. Than I layered torn pieces of paper.

I finished the collage, including this piece of map showing Drake’s Beach, before going to Jazzercise, but I was still picking dried matte medium off my fingers during class.

Drake's Beach

After dinner I added the quote from author and educator, Christina Baldwin.

When you’re stuck in a spiral, to change all aspects of the spin you need only to change one thing.

When You're Stuck

Change One Thing

It is a good thing to keep in mind.

I’m NOT going to spend as much time crafting this weekend as I did last weekend.  Much as I enjoy it, doing a spread a day in the art journal takes a lot of effort.  I am trying to maintain some balance – I’m keeping up with my hiking and other exercise, but I’m not reading much at all and a lot of free time is at the craft desk.  So – let’s see what I can create tomorrow with less time crafting.

I am treating myself to a visit to Imperial Day Spa in San Francisco (sorry, their site wouldn’t load) with a visit afterwards to Japantown for sushi and shopping.

Day 20 last year: Thick, Chewy Granola Bars.

Day 20 the year before that: Aluminum Tape Tags and Charms.

Thanks for your continued support.  Comments encouraged!


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9 responses to “Day 20: Spiral

  1. why is it that we like sirals, curly and curved things…I think it’s the movement…
    like as always…

  2. you know I meant “spirals”…fingers going way too fast!

  3. michelle barrett

    Hey there Dianne, This is my favorite so far. Love the composition and the colors.

    • Hey, Michelle – thank you very much! And thanks for planting the seed of interest in me to try Art Journaling in the first place. We need to get together and craft again sometime.

  4. the colors are very nice in this one, maybe it’s because I really like succulents and I saw the picture of it 🙂 very nice and really like the quote.
    hope you take time for yourself this weekend and less time at the desk! 🙂

    • Thanks, Ingrid. It is a good quote, one worth remembering.

      I ended up staying up late finishing the post, but I hadn’t started it at all until after 8:30 PM. I kept going off on other tangents. My boyfriend is camping this weekend doing a ham radio event and I tend to put off going to bed when he’s away. Let’s see how late I’m up tonight…

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