Day 21: Spa


Day 21: Spa.  I went to Imperial Day Spa in San Francisco today, this first day of Summer. It was wonderful.

As I wrote on the fingers on the right side of the page: “Beautiful women’s bodies, yes, mine too, being tended: soaked, scrubbed, sluiced with water, massaged with oil.  My skin is so soft now.”

I didn’t feel like a goddess even though I brought an ambrosial snack for myself: apricots and dates.  But it was a lovely experience.


This Korean spa is different than some spas I’ve been to.  It is communal (separated by sex) and really no one cares that you are naked.  They are too.  It is not hushed though it is relatively quiet.  The staff chatted quietly some  of the time.  It was clean and relaxing.

This was my third visit.  I think it was the most vigorous scrubbing I’ve ever experienced.  It felt like a renewal to me – shedding my old skin, but it is not for the shy or sensitive.

water skin heat

The room where the scrub and massage was given had 4 or 5 other tables and 3 other clients being treated at the same that time I was.  Basins of hot water were sluiced over me as I lay on a plastic covered padded table. At various times towels (both dry and hot/wet) were draped over me, including a small one over  my eyes.

soothing pool

After the rigorous scrub-down I had a massage.  My attendant was strong as she manipulated my limbs and rubbed me with oil.  She used her fingers, thumbs, knuckles and elbows.  A fresh-grated cucumber mask, all cool and soothing, was patted onto my face and I lay in a semi-zoned-out state, becoming more limp as the treatment continued.

Hot milk was splashed all over me before a final, drenching rinse.  She helped me off the table, toweled me dry, got me into my spa-provided robe and sandals (she even tied the belt).  I took my tender, new, baby skin back to the locker room and after drying my hair and dressing I headed to Japantown.

Do I looked fully steamed, kneaded and renewed? This is in the locker room, right after the treatment. I think I look a little crazed, but maybe I was just zoned out.  (I would have been very happy to crawl into bed and take a nap at that point).

Self-Portrait in Locker Room

Scenes from Japantown Center: Peace Plaza.

Peace Plaza

Umbrella mural.

Umbrella ella ella a a a

Origami crane.


Beckoning cats.

Lucky Cats

California Roll for lunch.


Paper lantern.


On Day 21 last year I did a Bleach Pen T-Shirt.

The previous year my Day 21 project was Cards with Charm.

Happy Summer to you, and thank you for the visit.


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6 responses to “Day 21: Spa

  1. love how you described your day at the spa, sounds great and so relaxing
    the picture of you in the locker room; you look as if you are sleepy! it’s normal after such a big day! love the collage and the pictures too! 🙂

  2. awesome!…I want to go!…just a few hundred miles away…well, maybe I just better look closer to home…
    I’m not sure of the communal type spa… but, never know…why not!

  3. Leah

    Sounds fantastic! Have you ever been to the Kabuki Baths? A friend introduced me and it was HEAVEN.

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