Day 23: Skyclad


Day 23: Skyclad.  “Andrew was happy he wasn’t the only one skyclad.”

I’d never seen the term “skyclad” until I read “May run skyclad through the neighborhood” in a friend’s Facebook update in honor of the Solstice.  It stuck in my head and this spread came to be. (Thank you, John Eastman).

Andrew skyclad

I have since learned that Skyclad is the name of a British heavy metal band and also refers to ritual nudity in paganism.

Though I created these pages with a sense of humor, I think the term itself is very poetic. Clothed in the sky.

David skyclad

As for you, John, I just say “sunscreen”.

For Day 23 last year I crafted this pretty Crepe Paper Flower.

The previous year, my Day 23 project was Sunprint-Paper & Packing Tape Transfers on Decoupage Boxes.  It was featured on Freshly Pressed and garnered my greatest number of readers ever.

Thank you to all of you who’ve stuck around reading, commenting and supporting my blog and to those who started prior to that and of course every single one of you, whenever you discovered my posts.  You are all very much appreciated!

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