Day 24: Eye Mask

Eye Mask

Day 24: Eye Mask.  I started putting together a single face made up of parts from separate faces.


But I kept finding more unique eyes to use, so shifted my plan to create several sets of eyes.

As I paired up eyes, I saw how they looked  like Mardi Gras, Carnival or harlequin masks, and started embellishing them.  This is the results.

Shooting Star

The eyes are all different shapes, colors and sizes.

Tear Drop

Rem pointed out that on the dark background it looked as if women with elaborate makeup and jewelry were looking out from behind veils and chadors.

Bindi Jewels

That wasn’t my original concept, but I can see that in the finished spread.

Three Dots

This is what I came up with last year on Day 24: Buttermilk Lace Pancakes.  Try some – it’s a delicious recipe even if you don’t make them lacy.

In 2011 on Day 24 I had the day off: Gnome Makes File Folders from Calendar Pages. Check it out!

Thank you for stopping on by.


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4 responses to “Day 24: Eye Mask

  1. love the masks…and Rem was right on as to the look of veils…

  2. I really like this one! different, like the eye masks 🙂

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