Day 25: Bird Collage

Bird Collage

Day 25: Bird Collage.

There are so many wonderful pins on Pinterest that have caught my eye.  I pinned this one, by Donna Downey, about 5 weeks ago.  Last night, looking through my pins (and thinking about what to do for today), I decided to do my version of her collage.

I loved the white space around the collage, something I don’t usually do, but now that I’ve seen it, will try to include more often.  It looks as if her page was white to start.  I used gesso on mine to lay a wash of white over the print, but still allow some to show through.

Bird collage detail/left

I was also really drawn in by her use of colors and I tried for a very similar look.

Bird Collage detail/right

Last year for Day 25, my project was these DIY Blue Glass Jars.

The year before that I adapted a Smitten Kitchen recipe and made Pickled Carrot Sticks.

Thank you for stopping by.


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2 responses to “Day 25: Bird Collage

  1. I’m collecting things to start my book…everyone asks …What are you saving that for?…some day I will show them…

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