Have a Yankee-Doodle Weekend!

sparkle star

I’m going up to Sea Ranch for the long weekend. I’ll be out of the heat (whew), spending time with some of my family, away from the internet and crafting my little heart out!

Have a great, safe, celebratory long weekend.

Here are some cards I made for special July birthdays.  At the top of the post is a mostly red card on blue.

This one is mostly blue on red.

red star

And the classic red, white and blue.

Silver Star

Here’s a new pup to the extended family: Wedge.  My sister Sarah brought him by on a walk so Rem and I could meet him.


I think you earn geek points if you know where that name came from.  (I didn’t know).

Happy Fourth to you and thanks for coming by!!


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2 responses to “Have a Yankee-Doodle Weekend!

  1. Oh my gosh Wedge is sooo cute; love him already.

  2. cute pup…and awesome cards…I should have had you make me some…birthdays in July here too!

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