Art Journal Update

Bronze Door with Green Surround

Hello!  I didn’t intend to take such a long break from blogging but other things filled my time.  I think, after 30 Days of Creativity (30DOC), that I needed a breather.

I’ve started on my next Art Journal and wanted to share some pictures from it.  We also went to Sea Ranch over the long Fourth of July weekend so the post after this one will have some photos from that trip.

I’ve been collecting images of doors, archways, gates, windows and other interesting entrances because I want to do an Art Journal using these images.  I decided to use this picture of an elaborate bronze doors with the fancy green surround as my first door.  After pasting the picture into the book, I cut the doors open and added small door pulls.

Open the Doors

Doors can be seen as a symbol of new beginnings, an opportunity, or a transition.  I love all the detail in this double door, so much more elaborate than typical doors we see in our culture.

I wanted it to be a welcoming door, into  this, my new Art Journal.  Pull the door open and you will see…

Peek through the door

A smiling boy with a bright orange umbrella.  Turn the page and you will find he’s with some friends.

Orange Umbrella Boy & Friends

I love that the door is from India, the boys from Indonesia and the background is Russian.  The beautiful borders on these pages are from the artwork in the book I’m using for my journal: The Firebird.

Turquoise and Orange

I chose images that I both liked and for their colors to finish this two-page spread: California poppies and nasturtiums,purple and orange starfish, a Monarch butterfly and the Firebird from the Russian folktale.

I started this Art Journal in an old Bon Appetit cookbook.  I picked it up at a used book store in Half Moon Bay and thought I’d checked for a stitched binding.

Stitched Binding

But as I got into the second page, I realized that it was a glued binding and it was coming unglued! The book I used for 30DOC also had a glued binding and had held together for the whole month but this one was falling apart before I even finished two pages.  Changing to a different book seemed like the best way to go, so I cut the bronze and green door page out of the old cookbook/journal and tipped it into the new storybook/journal.  If you look closely at the page with the Firebird and poppies, you can see recipes peeking out through the colored background.

A closed door can also represent something ending or something hidden. In the next few pages, I created a room with book-lined walls and comfortable places to sit.  The background is a collage made from pages of a dictionary.

Book Room

I like the shabby but cozy feeling of peeling layers of paint, rich colors, lots of pillows and even a cat relaxing.  But what is behind the door?

Shabby Door


Yes, there is even a hint in those dictionary definitions: the word bare turned up.  I didn’t plan it that way but when it was pointed out, I highlighted the word that fit in so perfectly.

The soft peachy tones look beautiful next to the blue around and next to the doorway.

Nude through the door

Jessica Chastain in a photo from Vanity Fair.


I used foil for mirrors on these pages.  A lush arrangement of flowers and a chandelier are finishing touches.

Jessica and mirrors

Most of the pictures in these two pages are from a home on an island in Greece.

Greek Archways

Archways frame beautiful views.  On the right hand side, cut-outs offer a glimpse of the following page but seemed a little awkward.  I stamped on a small design in blue ink to make the page more cohesive.

More arches fill the next page.

Tuscan Arches

The ocher arches on the left side have been cut out to view the water on the previous page.

It was very satisfying to sit down with my supplies and create new pages in a new Art Journal.  Having unstructured, unscheduled time at Sea Ranch or on any vacation is one of the real benefits for me.

Take a look at the next post for a few Sea Ranch pictures.

Thanks for the visit.


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6 responses to “Art Journal Update

  1. Another lovely journal- I like that you got it from Half Moon Bay- we went there last year on our Big Adventure!

    • A Big Advenure sounds exciting. Will check your blog to see if you posted about it… It is nice when things you buy on vacation make an appearance in daily life. It brings a little reminder of the getaway back home and adds a layer of meaning to the item.

  2. very nice Dianne! glad you had some time off and that you started a new journal; it shows you are creative and love what you are doing right now! 🙂

    • Thanks, Ingrid. I think I’m going to start another this weekend because I have ideas that won’t work in my new Doors journal. This way I’ll have two going at the same time and can work on whichever one appeals to me at the moment.

  3. great ideas as usual!… and time to to work on it is so necessary…

    • Thanks, Marilyn. I’ve started another journal that is like the 30 Days one – I’ll put whatever I feel like in it and will also continue to work on the doors journal when I want.

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