Long Sea Ranch Weekend

Beach through the Trees

Although we had a few days of really gorgeous weather when we went to Sea Ranch for the long Fourth of July weekend, I kept forgetting my camera when we went on walks.  I only remembered once the weather turned grey.

This mosaic is on a low wall by a gas station in the town of Gualala, just north of Sea Ranch.

Fish Mosaic

Here are some pictures from our weekend… with seals, Molly and Ariel.

Seals at Sea Ranch

Molly & Ariel at driftwood chapel

Shell Beach

Through the Trees

Molly starts a hole

Molly Digging


Silly Doggie

Ariel on the Beach

Ariel on the Rock

Running on the Beach

Thanks for stopping by.


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6 responses to “Long Sea Ranch Weekend

  1. great pictures and love the ones of the pup too! it looks peaceful and relaxing! 🙂

  2. I forgot my camera a few times on vacation too… love the dog photos…such a cutie…

  3. Love your pictures! Nothing better than vacation with your dog- Molly is adorable!

    • Thanks, Donna – I’ve just returned from another long Sea Ranch weekend. My mom brought Molly, of course, and my sister Kathleen came with her cat Xander. We enjoyed stunning weather and had a great time.

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