I started another Art Journal.  I’ve got one just for the doors and entries spreads but I wanted to have another general one that I can fill with whatever I want.

Pinterest continues to give me ideas and inspiration and these triangles were inspired by these triangles at Pie ‘N the Sky. Which, in turn, were inspired by these triangles at A Beautiful Mess.

Triangle Template & Tools

I first cut out some triangles that were 1.5 inches on each side but I decided they were too small, so I went with 2.5 inches instead.  I made a template out of heavy card stock (the front cover of a mini calendar), measuring the triangle and cutting it out with an Exacto knife.  This was great because I just put the template down on paper to decide exactly where I wanted to cut out the shapes from that page.

Be sure and cut some triangles with the design oriented with the point at the top and some inverted so the design or photo is oriented with the wide part at the top.

Lots 'o Triangles

Most of my triangles were cut from magazine pages but some came out of textbooks, there is a triangle from a dictionary (with the definition of triangle, of course), a paint swatch (the photo on the reverse side of the paint samples), sheet music, a postcard, the lining of an envelope, and pretty patterned paper.  Thin paper is best for the center of the two pages if you are doing a two-page spread in an art journal because it is easier to smooth it into the crease.

Golden Gate Bridge

I did my initial layout on the back of a manilla folder.  In one of the blogs I looked at they had all the triangles touching but I liked how they looked with a little space in between.  I also think it is a little more forgiving as a layout because if you’re like me, the shapes are probably not all identical.

Triangle Layout

Before I started on my pages, I’d painted them with a coat of gesso for a more neutral background.  My glue of choice is a glue stick, although a glue pen was helpful when I found a corner I’d missed.


I forget this tip but it is helpful when you have a project with a lot of gluing: use a magazine (one you have read and pulled out any articles, recipes or material for future craft projects) when putting glue on the triangles and when one page gets too sticky, simply turn to a new page.


After I did my layout, I took a picture of it which was also helpful.  I started transferring triangles from the layout to the page and I got off track once but was able to refer back to the picture to see how I originally had it.

Even a 2.5 inch triangle is large enough to capture a familiar gaze.


Or a famous musician. Or two.

Johnny & Miles

An optional finishing step is a coat of Mod Podge or similar medium.  If I were doing this on the cover of my journal, I would do this step by I decided to skip it for this spread.

Thanks for stopping by.


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3 responses to “Triangles

  1. your works are beautiful. thanks for sharing

  2. very nice Dianne, glad you started this second one because like you wrote, you can use it for anything you are inspired to create that same day! 🙂 the idea of triangles is a good one! 🙂

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