Hum Baby

Hovering Hummer

My mom has two hummingbird feeders outsider her kitchen window.  Last week, we sat and watched the hummers as they fed and chased each other away from the feeders.

Two feeders, 1 bird

Feeder Flowers, close bird


Close to feeder


The spend a lot of energy chasing each other away, even though, with two feeders, there are 8 spots for feeding.

Red Throat Hover

One feeding, one flying

It is hard to tell which bird is which when they are zipping by, but in the photos it is easier to see some differences in size, color and markings.

Red Throat IMG_0291

Two on Feeders


Eventually two would sip at adjacent feeders, than three hummers must have decided that getting to the food was more important than keeping someone else from getting it.

Three hovering

3, 1 hovering

Three Feeding

I was captivated, watching them as they dive in intricate loops, and listening to them scold each other (and us) and to the whirring sound of their wings as they zip by.

Miss Molly was unimpressed.

Miss Molly

It isn’t a great picture, but I was finally able to get a shot that shows 4 hummingbirds!

Four Hummingbirds!

Two are on the feeder on the left side, one is fluttering at the feeder on the right and the fourth hummer is just showing on the upper right part of the photo.

A tiny feather that my mom found on the deck is most likely from a hummingbird.  Here it is with other feathers in my growing collection:


Feather and Dime

One last look at the hovering hummingbird.

Blur of Wings

Warm wishes to my mom on her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thanks for stopping by.


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14 responses to “Hum Baby

  1. Julie

    Great pics Dianne!

  2. Love these pics Dianne! Happy times, lucky Mommy!

  3. Hope your mom has a lovely day on her birthday 🙂
    & those are really nice pictures of the birds and of Molly too 🙂
    & wow, yes your feather collection is really growing! 🙂

    • Thanks for the nice comments.
      My two sisters and I had breakfast with mom this morning after one sister and I went on her usual morning walk with Molly. I made oatmeal-blueberry-lemon scones and a fresh fruit salad with Greek yogurt and brown sugar to go on top. So we got her birthday off to a good start.
      I’ve got a lot more feathers but I picked out some of the most unique ones for the photo. I love all the variations!

      • 🙂 glad you spent time with her and I agree with Marilyn the oatmeal blueberry lemon scones do sound delicious + with greek yogurt; must be really good 🙂

      • I prepped the dry ingredients last night, cut up the butter and put it in the freezer and than this morning put it all together. If I’d been more awake this morning, I might have taken some photos and blogged it, but I didn’t. Actually, they WERE good but maybe a little heavy. So if/when I post the recipe, it will be better. I don’t really think you can go wrong with fresh baked scones…

  4. Great photos of those quick little birds…how neat …
    Hope your Mom enjoyed her birthday with her girls…The scones sound scrumptious!

    • Thanks, Marilyn. I was really pleased to capture some shots of the hummingbirds…lots of blurred ones and empty frames when I was looking through the pictures. Hooray for digital because I would have wasted a load of film! I hope (and think) she did.

  5. violetannie63

    Happy Birthday to your Mum – hope she had a wonderful day. Beautiful birdies. We always like watching birds – especially the bright blue wrens that live here in Western Australia. They are electric blue during mating season and they are just so impossibly beautiful. Well, I guess all birds are beautiful! 🙂

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