Canine Closeups

I thought it was tricky getting pictures of hummingbirds last weekend until I tried to get a picture of four dogs today.

But first…

This is Wedge, tightrope walking on the railing of the desk at my mom’s house.  I don’t know if anyone has told him that most dogs don’t walk on deck railings.

Wedge on a Railing

My sisters, one sister-in-law and mom were having lunch. Mom has Molly and we were at their house.  Sarah brought Wedge, the new dog in their family.  Victoria came with 9 month old Patsy, who was playing shy.

Patsy under the table

Kathleen had 14-year-old Ruby along.

Ruby Duby

I brought my camera.

I think Kathleen wondered if we could get all the dogs in one picture and Sarah was the one that decided to try.

Three Dogs

Three dogs, Wedge  looking the other way.  Fail.

Snacks are offered.


Still only three dogs.  No Patsy.  Fail.

Well…there ARE four dogs in the photo.

First of the Four

But with Ruby searching for biscuits and Patsy keeping her distance…Fail.

All the dogs are interested in the snacks my mom is offering, just off camera.  Patsy gets a little closer, but she’s still playing it safe.

Patsy Gets Closer

Come on over, Patsy!

Patsy Keeping Her Distance

Four dogs in motion.

Here’s a nice shot with Wedge and Ruby.

Wedge and Ruby

And one of Wedge who was wonderful on his own.  No distractions, just sit and look handsome


I never really did get one perfect shot of all four dogs together.  But I had fun trying.

Thank you for the visit.


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8 responses to “Canine Closeups

  1. violetannie63

    I have the same problems when I try to take photos of my cat. He just knows when there is a camera in the room and will avoid it at all costs. Even though he is extremely handsome and should want his picture taken! 🙂

    • Last week, when I was taking pictures of the hummingbirds, I put the camera away and suddenly there was four of the little buggers! I’d been snapping away at three and it seemed that the fourth showed up when the camera was stowed. It’s funny with the dogs because with Molly, for example, she’ll come over and sit no problem. But her head turns away as soon as I lift the camera.

      • violetannie63

        I guess they’re the same as us – I don’t like having my picture taken either!

      • Hmmm…that might be it. But it seems like it was just too exciting and confusing with all of them. I managed much better with solo doggies.

  2. Fun is usually in the “trying”…

  3. 🙂 I love dogs, I have two small ones and when we visit my mother, my two brothers bring their own too and they all get excited 😉 I have tried a couple of times to take their pictures too and have not been able too either 🙂
    hope you are having a great weekend Dianne 🙂

    • If I was using a camera with film, let’s just say I would have wasted a lot of film. But with digital I can just keep taking pictures. Dogs are wonderful companions and our family has more than it’s fair share.

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