10 Good Things (Art Journal)

10 Things I Believe

I saw this with the mailing tags and started an Art Journal page before I even knew what I was going to put on the tags.

Two Pages 10 Things

It just kind of evolved.  I started layering on paint, some paper, some gesso, washi tape…


I know I don’t have the neatest writing, so this is my list:

10 Things I Believe Are Good

  1. Kindness
  2. Marriage Equality
  3. Chocolate
  4. Volunteering
  5. Learning from Mistakes
  6. Naps
  7. Reading to Kids
  8. Pancakes for Dinner
  9. Adopting Pets
  10. Singing with Others


Back side of tags

I would like to take naps more often but usually choose to do something else with my time.


Seal of Approval

Thank you for checking out my post today!


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9 responses to “10 Good Things (Art Journal)

  1. Becky Reetz

    Happy to see marriage equality on the list. Thanks Faw Faw!


  2. violetannie63

    Love it. I’ve been wanting to do an art journal but can never think of where to start. Doing a list might be the way to go to get me started! Love the colours and everything else too 🙂

    • Thanks you. Lists are a good way to get a page going. A song lyric or quote is good too. I like the color exercise we did in the workshop I attended which was my blue page with the big ampersand and later the orange page. I’d love to see what you come up with if and when you do!

  3. like as always…I need to get started…I think I say that every day…ho, hum…

  4. I love this one and I love your list of 10 good things, very nice job Dianne! 🙂

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