Old and New Art Journal Pages

This is from my first Art Journal.  I never got around to posting it, so here it is!

Big Pink Flowers

Bloom Where You’re Planted.  I think I have that attitude.


The picture was too long for the page, so I added this little fold down flap.

Open Flap

The other page has a flap too.  And another true statement.  I do love where we live!

Love Where We Live

This is the Church of Saint Raphael in San Rafael.  You can see the tile roof on the right of the smaller chapel, which is a replica, built in 1949, of the Mission San Rafael.  Many people refer to the larger church as the Mission.

I chose the background paper to go with the soft pink color of the church buildings in the photo. I like the two sentiments.

Love were we live


This is a spread in my newest journal.  Once again, I’m trying out pages I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Color Block Writing

This was more about the color block writing than what I had to say.  It was only after I did it that I went back to look at the inspiration and realize that instead of using markers, it has been done with colored pencil.  Oh.  That would have been MUCH easier!  I may try it again another time.  The original from Whimspirations by Joanne Sharpe had a much easier flow and cleaner color.

This one was also not quite what I’d seen…another one to try again.  After loving the 3-D Hand, I wanted to try something similar.


Drawing Lines

Wavy Page

I should go back and look at the directions when I see something like this…but I learn from trying.  After I did it, I looked at the picture again and will try this one another time.  I just want to share what I’m doing – some are more successful than others.

Color Block and Waves

There is pleasure in the doing.  In sitting down at my desk and choosing colors and putting pen to paper.

That is success enough!

Thanks for coming by.


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2 responses to “Old and New Art Journal Pages

  1. very nice Dianne 🙂 & I like the colors you chose (my favorites are the pink page ‘love where we live’ and the flower where you folded the page! 🙂

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