Just a quick hello.  I’ve been fighting a bug this week and haven’t had energy for much of anything.  I stayed home from work today to rest but (true confession) ended up laying in bed watching hair and makeup videos on YouTube!  It was my version of watching daytime TV.

This afternoon I had a little more energy and juiced some fruits and veggies.  I’d used up my oranges earlier in the week but this stuff was still loaded with kale, tomatoes, apples; including the tart and lovely Pink Pearl, celery, cucumbers, a piece of yellow bell pepper, half a beet, half a lime and some basil.  It tasted pretty good (and healthy).

Fruit & Veg for Juice

I also roasted a bunch of carrots with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt.  Delicious.

Roast Carrots

After this burst of energy I lay on the coach and read the new People magazine.


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4 responses to “Dragging

  1. sorry, I’m reading this so late but I hope you are doing much better now Dianne

    • Well, I learned I don’t have a cold. Turns out I have an infection! I had some swelling on my gum and thought at first it was over-zealous flossing but it is actually a problem tooth.. Boy are my teeth bad sometimes. They’re the type of teeth that would shoplift and smoke on the corner. My dentist sent me to see a specialist and I’ll see him tomorrow. Maybe have a “retreated” root canal, maybe an extraction. Bad time at work for this but I need to get it done and start healing!

      • oh! no sorry to hear this Dianne 😦 , I hope it’s not too serious and they can take care of it soon
        last week, I found a small bump on the side of my gums and it really hurts, I told hubby I’m scared it’s an infection too, I hope not I will be seeing my dentist Aug 21st only!
        hope you get well soon! take care! 🙂

      • Thanks, Ingrid. I’m such a dental coward too. Bleh. Good luck with your sore gum. I hope it clears right up and proves to be nothing yucky.

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