Quick Bead Earrings

Earrings on Dishes

A few weeks ago I was shopping for beads for several bracelets and came home with a few extra beads to make a pair of earrings.   I found beads very similar to a favorite black pair that I wear often.

I’ve been meaning to put the earrings together but kept finding other things to do.

Bowl of Beads

This morning I decided those (as yet unmade) earrings would look perfect with the outfit I was wearing. So after breakfast with a few extra minutes before I had to get going, I grabbed my pliers to put them together.


It was coming along just fine, I had the first large bead on a pin for each earring and I started making the loop at the top to attach the top portion when one of the pins came right through the bead.  Dang!

A quick look at the clock and I dismantled the earrings and got a new pin for each large bead, adding a small bead at the end to keep the pin from coming through the hole.  I assembled the beads on the top section and attached the loops on the top and bottom sections.

I hadn’t remembered to purchase new ear wires, but I just pulled a pair off other earring in my jewelry box.  Next time I’m at a craft or bead store, I’ll buy a few pairs.

Earlobe  & Earring

Some pretty beads and the right tools, in this case the round-nose pliers for bending the pins into loops, and I’ve got a new pair of earrings.

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets

Thank you for your visit.


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4 responses to “Quick Bead Earrings

  1. and before going to work!…this is what drives my husband crazy…I do things like that…NOW…I can do it!…and I do…
    so pretty…enjoy your earrings…

  2. your earrings are very pretty Dianne and love that you prepared them just before you left the house! 🙂 you are very creative! 🙂
    sorry to be reading this so late, I’m behind my e-mails and hope to catch up soon with everyone! 🙂

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